Duo with Robert Barry (Far Rainbow) for Non Classical: Inspired by Martinů

On Wednesday 21st October I’ll play in a duo with Robert Barry of Far Rainbow for the first time, at the NonClassical event, Inspired by Martinů. As part of the set I’ll use records and tape recordings of Martinů’s work.
Full details here.

Inspired by Martinů explores the fascinating oeuvre of the 20th century Czech composer through London’s contemporary classical and electronic music scene as represented by artists around the acclaimed Nonclassical label led by its founder, composer and DJ Gabriel Prokofiev. On 21 October 2015, Nonclassical artists will be joined live onstage by piano virtuoso Lada Valešová, violin wunderkind Tereza Anna Přívratská and vibrant soprano Lucie Špičková in a unique attempt to reimagine Martinů’s most influential chamber pieces by creating real-time improvised soundtracks, avant-garde audiovisual installations and once-in-a-lifetime musical reworks. 

Live performance:
Lada Valešová, piano
Lucie Špičková, mezzo-soprano
Tereza Anna Přívratská, violin


In association with Nonclassical & Czech Centre London
Supported by Bohuslav Martinů Institute

Partners: Bohuslav Martinů Foundation

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