Mechanical Techno gig and new demonstration video

My last solo gig of 2015 will be a mechanical techno set at Apiary Studios. Here’s a new video that shows how the setup works!

From algorithms to poly-rhythms, this is the third instalment of Graham Dunning’s Ghost in the Machine Music. Spanning a diverse range of artists and electronic music techniques; from laptops to hand made electro-mechanical contraptions, it promises to be an eclectic and engaging night of improvised electronica.

Leslie Deere/Shelley Parker/Tom Mudd/Tom Richards/Graham Dunning
Friday 27th November
Apiary Studios, Hackney Road
458 Hackney Road, London E2 9EG
8pm til late
£5 entry
[facebook event]
Leslie Deere –
Originally from Tennessee, Leslie moved to the UK to study Sonic Art, continuing from a performing arts dance back ground in NYC. Leslie’s live performances use analogue and digital audio equipment alongside field recordings and her lo-fi video projections, to make abstract and absorbing drone collages.

Shelley Parker –
Bass frequencies, live audio feeds and found sounds are recurring themes within Shelley Parker’s performance, installation and music production. As well as releasing on her own label, her solo work and remixes have come out on Acre, Adaadat, Bulletdodge, Entr’acte, Myzuk, Opal and WotNot.

Tom Mudd –
Tom Mudd is a musician and programmer interested in relationships between software, composition and improvisation. His current work explores new synthesis methods through the use of Duffing oscillators coupled with banks of resonant filters.

Tom Richards –
Tom Richards uses re-purposed and outmoded electronic technologies to create abstract sound works, referencing shamanic music, rave culture, and minimalist composition. Richards has developed his own idiosyncratic modular electronic music system, with which he creates slowly evolving and heavily textured polyrhythmic improvisations.

Graham Dunning –
Graham Dunning’s solo project, Mechanical Techno: Ghost in the Machine Music, is a live-dubbed rhythmical collage made of record crackle, analogue synthesizer, dubplates and clumsily triggered drum machines. Graham is self-taught as an artist and musician having studied neither discipline academically.

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