Experimental Sound Art course: end of term Event, students’ performances

For the final session of this term’s Experimental Sound Art course at Mary Ward Centre, we’re putting on a concert at which current and former students will perform some of their work.

METHOD//RESULTS is at Hundred Years Gallery in Hoxton on Wednesday 9th December, from 7pm.

Leaf mold and fireworks. Postcards From the Volcano bring a little of autumn into the gallery space.
Helen Frosi and Stephan Barratt perform live utilising text and alternative scores, featuring spoken, taped and manipulated voice, found objects, object resonance and other sonic eccentricities.
Interested in recording and exploring sounds from the street- Liz Helman and Lola de la Mata will be performing for the first time as a duo. Combining their individual approaches, reality will be pushed and transformed through the use of field recordings, voice, violin, contact microphones and other objects.
Plus six performances from current students. Listen to a couple of recordings from the last session below:

Wednesday 9th December 2015
13 Pearson St. London E2 8JD

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