Performance with Murmurists 16 piece ensemble (London)

On Friday 5th February I’ll play percussion, electronics and “decorative heckling” as part of Anthony Donovan’s Murmurists, as part of a sixteen piece ensemble performing his new work Beneath is Translation. The performance is part of Co-Existence, “an evening of Sound & Music in contemplation and celebration of co-existence”, at MKII, Hackney, London.


Martin Archer (bass clarinet/recorder/voice)
Rebecca Bogue (dance/voice)
Mark Browne (soprano sax/percussion/voice)
Lawrence Casserley (gongs/electronics/voice)
Michael Clough (foley/voice)
Annie Dee (foley/voice)
Anthony Donovan (bass/film/voice)
Tim Drage (hybrid-guitar/electronics/voice)
Graham Dunning (percussion/electronics/voice)
Geoff Leigh (flute/soprano sax/voice)
Jane Munro (dance/voice)
Anthony Osborne (alto sax/voice)
Rosie Osborne (foley/voice)
Noura Sanatian (violin/voice)
Paul Shearsmith (trumpet/voice)
Walt Shaw (percussion/voice)


71-75 Powerscroft Road E5 0PT
Friday 5th February 2016
7pm to 11pm

Featuring live performances by

Cantenac Dagar: Instrumental and experimental duo from France who make a sonic ruccus with a banjo, tape player and beat boxing.

Murmurists: For this live incarnation of Murmurists, composer Anthony Donovan has brought together an exceptional 16 strong band of improvisers, dancers and voice artists to premier his multi-media piece, Beneath is Translation.

Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino: Live set by sound healers featuring vocal overtones and a mix of traditional and contemporary sound craft.

Mark Wagner & Any One: Impormptu and improvised collaborative duet with the first willing candidate to walk through the door. acoustic or amplified.

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