Turntable & Saxophone free improv duo, South London

On Thursday 18th February I’ll play turntable, dubplates and spring reverbs with Colin Webster on Saxophone, at a night called The Laughing Bell. Full details below.
[FB event]

Webster / Dunning Duo & Howie Reeve
The Laughing Bell, 330 St James’s Road, SE1 5JX
Thursday 18th February
£4 (adv tickets) / £6

The Laughing Bell and Muckle Mouth present an event spanning improvisation, sound and song, with the improvising duo of Colin Webster (saxaphone) & Graham Dunning (turntable, dubplates and dentristry tools) and solo avant-pop bass artist Howie Reeve from Glasgow.


Colin Webster is an improvising saxophonist from London who has put out releases with the likes of Sheik Anorak, Mark Holub and Toby McLaren. Having toured with heavyweight Dutch free-jazz duo Dead Neanderthals in February this year, he recently put out a release with sound artist Graham Dunning for Linear Obsessional Recordings.

Graham Dunning is a sound and visual artist based in the UK. His sound sources include field recordings pressed to dubplates; modified records; adapted playback equipment such as reel-to-reel tape players, turntables and Walkmans; found sounds, especially discarded footage of people’s home recordings; home made electronics; broken cymbals and other metal objects; and inexpensive delay units.

Howie Reeve is an acoustic avant-pop solo bass artist from Glasgow. His work with other well known faces in Glasgow‘s avant-folk, post-punk and free jazz scenes has made Reeve a linchpin of the city’s underground music scene. Having spent time in a number of acts like Shlebie and Tattie Toes, Howie decided to go it alone a couple of years back and has already released two solo albums as well as a now sold out 7” with Minutemen bassist Mike Watt.

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