Rummaging Orchestra in London

Henry Liam Collins and Robin Foster are bringing their Rummaging project to New River Studios on Wednesday 29th June, taking over the Open Jack event with a lineup of related acts and likeminded artists. One of the performances the pair have organised is a Rummaging Orchestra – multiple rummagers conducted by Robin and Henry. I’ll be taking part in this.

Rummaging Open Jack Takeover!

An evening of cascading junk, mania and performance:
07.30 – 11.00 pm – Free / £Donations to artists please!
+ Bring down your box of junk or objects and join the rummage orchestra! email – – for more info
The ultimate goal of rummaging is the attainment of purity through chaos. The complexity of the sound created through rummaging is intended to focus the mind whilst freeing it from the conscious decisions involved in the creation of improvised music. The restraint imposed by the container of objects is precisely what creates the freedom from the constraints of human choice.

The rummaging vessel is a microcosm of the dialogue created through improvisation. Tension and release, dynamic interplay, rhythmic synchronicity and chaotic unpredictability. Gestures rise and fall, objects collide and separate. Rhythms and pitches cascade.
\\The Rummage Orchestra//
Conducted by Henry Collins and Robin Foster

\\Henry Collins & Robin Foster//
Bristo//Bath duo who cellebrate a deliberate disregard for idiomatic conventions other than a singular belief: that all objects are instruments and all activities performances.

Lo fi & surreal sound, vocals and performance layers

\\Armitage Shanks//
DIY bagpipe drone dude

\\ Michael Shaw //
Post Casiocore Free Noise Turntablist “unerringly tight and on the verge of collapse”


There’s also a new bandcamp page dedicated to rummaging releases: where you can hear and download sounds by the project, including the London Field trip I took part in back in April.

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