Supernormal extra: Mechanical Techno and Moonseer performances

A couple of last minute changes mean I’m now doing a couple of extra performances at this year’s Supernormal Festival. The event runs over the weekend of the 5th August, at Braziers Park in Oxfordshire.

I’ll be doing the following:

Friday 4:15pm – Mechanical Techno live set, Red Kite stage
Saturday 1:00pm – Sam Sam Big Band, Braziers House
Saturday 4:30pm – AAS: introduction to Holectics, Supernormal Super Sensory Summer School Henge
Saturday 11:00pm – Moonseer, unknown location
Sunday 8:15pm – trio with Lina Lapelyte & Angarad Davies, the Barn.

Two new tapes will be available which I’ve worked on, from Mary Stark and AAS. Both released to coincide with the festival. Click on the images for more info.

HRR003-tapeshot FMC19-tapeshot

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