The Mechanical Laboratory of Antimatter for Fort Process

On Saturday 3rd September I’m hosting The Mechanical Laboratory of Antimatter, a day-long performance installation with Henry Liam Collins, Leslie Deere and Sam Underwood, for Fort Process.

Fort Process is an expansive multi-disciplinary music and arts festival held in the evocative spaces of Newhaven Fort in East Sussex. Performances and installations take place deep in resonant tunnels and exposed ramparts overlooking the English Channel.

The Mechanical Laboratory of Antimatter will take place in a side room from the main courtyard at Newhaven Fort. The title refers to Situationist International artist Giuseppe Pinot Gallizio’s projects which were concerned with the automation or industrialisation of artmaking and the idea of mass production of art as a destabilising force.
The room will function as an experimental laboratory with myself and the other artists working both together and individually to create machinic soundmaking assemblages and short performances throughout the day.
More info:

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