Global Forests – an art exhibition in the Black Forest

I have some new modified records on display at a new exhibition in the Black Forest in the south of Germany. Global Forests runs from 30th September to 30th December.

Details below, translated from the facebook page here.


Global Forests

an art exhibition in the Black Forest
An exchange in “St. Georgen im Schwarzwald” with a sponsorship between international and regional

Prospects for the upcoming exhibition
“GLOBAL FORESTS” in July 2017, there are already 30 September at 18 am in a group exhibition.

Hiroyuki Agetsuma
Pedram Baldari & Nooshin Hakim
Lisa Ballmann
Sascha Brosamer
Graham Dunning
Forster Herchenbach
Gerardo Nolasco
Lisa Schlenker

Global Forests
Kundo, Bahnhofstrasse 10,
78112 St. Georgen
in the black Forest

48 ° 07’30.4 “N 8 ° 20’22.9” E
Exhibition period (pre-show)
1.10. – 30.12.
Opening times
Daily 14-20 pm

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