Mix for WebSyn Radio (France)

From 16th February you can hear a new mix of electronic music, drone, sound poetry, experimental piano works and a pinch of techno, which I made for the WebSyn Radio podcast series. Rendezvous at WebSyn.fr from 16 Feb to 3rd March to listen. Full tracklist below.

S. Araw “Trio” XI – Processional
Marlo Eggplant – Par
Howlround – A Startled City
Embla Quickbeam & Graham Dunning – Specific Heat
Noiseferatu – Radish Trinity
Eumig – 547838
Charlemagne Palestine – Strumming Music
Ingrid Plum – Semblance 1
Meredith Monk – View 1
Delphine Dora – Blinding Wrestling Touch
Mira Calix – Because To Why
Queef – Trunks and Sirens
Jaap Blonk – Schrorr Blorr Machine
Dromloch – IO
Conrad Schnitzler and Pharmakustic – Chromit
Graham Dunning & Leslie Deere – Physical Midi
J Daniel – The Way (The Reprisal) (The Outsider Mix)
Dirt & Space – Mount Hex

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