Exhibition: Schéma


The culmination of my residency at Galerie Paradise in Nantes, France, Schéma opens on Thursday 15th June. The exhibition includes new audio and videos (pictured, Real Data) plus a 15m scroll of diagrams. Full list of works below. The exhibition runs until August.

The opening event on Thursday 15th June will have performances from myself and gramophone artist Sascha Brosamer. Free entry, starts at 18h30.

List of works

1. Trap Set (2017)
Broken cymbals, rolls of tape
2. Schéma (2017)
Pencil on 15m paper roll
3. UFO (2017)
Photocopy collage, 1m x 1.4m
4. Monochrome (2017)
Cassette album
5. Verti-Forma (2017)
Video collage from found slides, 19′30″
6. Tonight (2017)
Video and audio: studio performance, 11′50″
7. Real Data (2017)
Video and audio: mis-interpretation of data, 22′35″
8. Modified records: Monochrome series (2017)
Records with adhesive vinyl and bolts.




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