New album: Monochrome

Five recordings made with the mechanical techno machine, using a new set of modified records. The album is available on cassette and digital download (via bandcamp).

Plus also a limited edition of ten unique digital versions, each with a postcard:

A “digital dubplate” edition of Suspicious Rhythem – ten unique versions were recorded in addition to the tape version. With this purchase you will be sent one of these digital tracks in mp3 and wav format. As soon as I have confirmation you have downloaded the track, my version will be deleted, leaving you with the only digital copy.

A unique “dirty postcard” with charcoal and adhesive vinyl will be included with the physical copy of the tape. These are the postcards which were used to create the photocopy collage making the front cover image of the tape.

The recordings, collage and cassette were made as part of my residency at Galerie Paradise, Nantes, France, May-July 2017.


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