Dream Garden: zOHastre / Graham Dunning LIVE

Galerie Paradise
6 Rue Sanlecque, Nantes, France
Wednesday 21 June. FREE entry
18h30 – 20h00

Experimental sounds in the garden for Fete de la Musique.
[facebook event]

Graham Dunning

zOHastre (Saint-Aignan FR)

Olmo: drums
H: synths, tapes, call birds.

Magic and mesmerizing cocktail of melodies, noise, hypnotic and accelerated rhythms.
zOH’s music is highly inspired and plunges us into a strange and dreamlike universe…

Graham Dunning (London UK)

Playing a minimal, abstract composition of field recordings, drones, vinyl noise and found sounds.
Quotidian noises made by people, nature and the city; transformed through unusual combinations into an uncanny sound collage.


Paradise gallery
Centre for Research and Experiments in Fine art.

As an art project, Paradise is the only place in Nantes dedicated to national and international artist residencies.
The structure of the location consists in two flats, a workshop, a gallery and a courtyard.
This singular and unique place is the result of a human adventure between the architects and sponsors Agnès Lambot and Philippe Barré, and two visual artists, Béatrice Dacher and Michel Gerson.

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