New mix series for New New World Radio

Launching on 8th August, a series of four mixes, each two hours long, broadcasting on New New World Radio.  The shows will be broadcast fortnightly. Scratchy improv, dream sounds, odd electronics, noise.

Moscow time (GMT+3), premieres + repeats
Graham Dunning  — 19:00; 02:00; 09:00. (UK = 16:00, 23:00, 06:00)
Listen at:


Episode 1 – 8th/9th August

Rutger Hauser – No Bears
Dylan Nyoukis & Thomas Bench – Untitled (Nyoukis mix)
Soldercup – Ungostena
Sue Lynch – Saw
David Birchall – For The Third Time That Week She Asked Herself “What Would Emma Goldman Do?”
Kate Armitage – Spiral Deco
John Edwards & Tom Wheatley – Yoke 102
Twinkle3 feat Sidsel Endnesen – Drag The Solar Sail
DunningWebsterUnderwood – Ghostnimbusdart
Silver Dick – Hog Against Your Wishes
Richard Sanderson – Seperating Circle
Mark Dicker – Venus Rolled Backwards
People of the North – Religion In Their Work
Anton Mobin – Innsbroke (I)
Iris Garrelfs – Encounter 4
Himë Bangs (ii) – Circlip
Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides – Unknown Bird Species
Andrea Borghi – Unfathomless Part III
Flaherty Corsano Duo – Sign Your Name In The Sand Please
Nacht Und Nebel – Lieschi
Ripsaw Catfisth – Mud


Episode 2 – 22nd/23rd August

Magnétophone – Iubeecha
Wings & Claws – Live in the Sitting Room part 2
Unknown – Al Ardah (Musiques, Chants et Danses des Emirats D’Arabie)
Stuart Chalmers – Chasing Shadows
Far Rainbow – In A State Of Weightlessness
Gavin Prior – 一
I Putu Gede Sukaryana (Balot) – C (Anomali)
Bridget Hayden – Incantations from Yin Valley Side 2
Maya Dunietz & Tom White – Josephine
Toots & Purrs – Go Stop Go (Play Room)
Coims – White Olives
Delphine Dora – Jaillissements Cathartiques
Audio Camera SFX Record – Heartbeat
Sky, Horse & Death – Dithering
Mira Calix – The Way You Are When
Found Tape – Cupboard Song
Wood Cabin – Trim The Excess
F.Ampism – 82 is as 82 is
Pram – Keep In A Dry Place And Away From Children
Embla Quickbeam & Graham Dunning – Occult System
Burl – Circle I
Rachael Finney – Passing Circle


Episode 3 – 5th/6th September

Richard Frances – 2013
Kujuu – Botsu
José Delgado – I-V
Schuttle – Probe (One Full rotation)
Paul Nataraj – Goose Wunderlich’s Community Service
C. Reider – Teil 2
Marina Rosenfeld – I Launch An Attack
Tans – L’infant Neraviglioso
xß – Pink Liquid
SkyHighDiamonds – Searchlight
Filter Feeder – Shopping (Shelley Parker remix)
Red Brut – Dry Land
Sculpture – DDR Tape Side B
Like A Tim – Everlasting Manufaturer of Synthis
Neil Cosgrove – Unknown Acid PL3
Umfang – Wingless Victory
Norah Lorway – 1.1
Nene Hatun – Asceticism
Deathcount in Silicon Valley – Ephemerol
Karen Gwyer – Trapezoidal Weekly
Yuan Mekong – Electronik Ocean
Our Fortress – Happiness Money
Tulketh – slanck
Criteron – Hollow point
Ewa Justka – Horny 1
Dwellings – Drone Invasion


Episode 4 – 19th/20th September

Robin Foster – PPCRN
XQM – Session #20 2016-08-30
2:13pm + motherfucking + la sixeme faute – Anahata
Ben Gwilliam – Break Down Speed Up Side A
Consumer Electronics – And At Any Rate It’s Too Late
Left Hand Cuts Off The Right – Martywn Cien
TODD – Deep Grief One To Four
W/W – Truetone, Signal Flow
Worship My Panther – Pillow Of Empty Cans
Dead Neanderthals – Pillar of Teeth
Pymathon – Oration of Hideous Decomposition
Sascha Brosamer – Billboard
Graham Dunning – Whispers of the Dead Side 1
Human Heads – Blue Screen
Noiseferatu – The Radish Invocation
Utschumballa – Weltklange/Ende
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji / Nihilist Assault Group – Planned Obselescence
Cementimental – Cuniculum
Esther Chlorine – Neighborhood for Certain Thoughts / A Vanity Mirror



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