Emotion and the Tech(no)body – exhibition for Unconscious Archives festival

I’m taking part in Emotion​ ​+ the​ ​Tech(no)body​,​ ​Curated​ ​by​ ​Sally​ ​Golding,​ ​part​ ​of​ ​Unconscious​ ​Archives​ ​Festival at​ ​Austrian Cultural​ ​Forum,​ ​London​, which opens on 20th September, showing Stone Tapes. More info on the exhibition below.


Private View Wednesday 20 September, 6pm-9pm
Exhibition continues 21 September – 17 November 2017
Austrian Cultural Forum London
28 Rutland Gate, Knightsbridge, SW7 1PQ, London Venue details

RSVP for private view – FREE

Emotion + the Tech(no)body considers our cultural and emotional attachment to data and the relationship of our bodies to technology, through the physical resonance of memory and the evolution of both the archive and machine as an ephemeral site for self-imaging and self-construction. The show includes work by Austrian and international artists working across sound art, experimental film, software programming, laboratory culture, sculpture, radio, ephemeral art, instrument building and post internet art. By repurposing technology and imbibing it with error, narrative and place, the artists bring new media art into question as an emotional and responsive space, and as a new resource for collective experience.

Artworks by:

Benedict Drew (UK), Graham Dunning (UK), Stephen Cornford (UK), Audrey Samson (CA), Christine Schörkhuber (AT), Ulla Rauter (AT), Reni Hofmüller (AT), Davide Bevilacqua & Veronika Krenn(AT/IT) and Theresa Schubert (DE).


Two special onsite events accompany the exhibition:

Thursday 19th October, 7pm: Conny Zenk (AT) – Self[ie]DREAMER Conny Zenk works across new media art, dance, film and visual culture to create performances which seek to capture and re-organise the immediate audience space through participatory technology. Self[ie]DREAMER is her new solo work based upon her ongoing collaborative project Selfie Shamanism, which seeks to capture the essential qualities of our bodies in conversation with our everyday smartphone devices, seeking a place between tradition and new technological reflexes.


Friday 10th November, 7pm: Nikolaus Gansterer (AT) & Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll (AU/UK) – Translecture Nikolaus Gansterer’s Translectures are performative translations turning thought experiments into actions which invite the audience to understand and interpret ‘one reality through another’. A form of notation which creates a new vocabulary, Translectures sit between the lines of drawing, choreography and performance and bring into question how far a drawing – for Gansterer a medium of high immediacy – can become tool of communication, a score, and again an instruction for taking action. Specially devised in response to the exhibition Emotion + the Tech(no)body, Gansterer presents a new Translecture in collaboration with writer, academic and artist Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll author of Art in the Time of Colony (Ashgate Press 2014/Routledge 2016).

Image: Audrey Samson – Goodnight Sweatheart, photo by Alexis Bellavance

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