Webster/Dunning duo – new album and tour

Most of What Follows Is True is a new cassette from the improv project with myself and Colin Webster. On the studio recordings Colin played baritone saxophone and I played turntable, dubplates, spring reverbs and various objects. You can get the cassette from label Sound Holes here.  Also available with download version from my bandcamp page shortly.

I’ve also released an album of remixes of the tracks on Fractal Meat.  Tom Mudd, Shelly Knotts, Lucia H Chung, John Macedo, Steph Horak and Phil Julian used various methods including analogue and digital processing, Max MSP patches, modular synthesis and live coding to rework the material into new compositions. Most of What Follows is True, remixes is available on tape and download from the Fractal Meat bandcamp page now.

To support the album(s) we’re playing a few gigs around the UK.  Follow the facebook links for more info.

6th – The Old England, Bristol [FB event]
8th – Swansea International Festival, Swansea [FB event]
10th – Sonic Imperfections, Montague Arms, London [FB event]
13th – Golden Lion, Todmorden [FB event]
15th – Fuse Gallery, Bradford [FB event]
25th – More News From Nowhere, The Victoria, Walthamstow, London – with Sam Underwood [FB event]

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