Hacking Smart Speakers with BBC R&D

*** Please note the venue and time have changed. This will now take place at NEWSPEAK HOUSE, Bethnal Green Road. Performance starts at 6pm. ***

On Friday 6th April I’ll join Music Hackspace at Somerset House for a day’s workshop hacking smart speakers with the BBC research and development department.

BBC R&D’s Internet Research and Future Services group are currently exploring the ways in which smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home can be used to enable new and interesting means of creating and enjoying music. As part of this project, we’re
spending the day at Music Hackspace collaborating with four musicians and sound artists to understand the possibilities that this new technology could bring to their practice. We’ll be working with:

– Natalie Sharp (LONE Taxidermist)
– Graham Dunning
– Wesley Goatley
– Lia Mice.

In the evening, from 18:30, there will be a short show of the progress made during the day, as well as Q&A, which will be open to all.

Click here for more info and to book a place.


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