20 years of “now”

‘now’ (all lower case letters) was founded in 1998 by songwriter Justin Paton with the aim to bring together adventurous multi-instrumentalists who are as much in love with old synthesisers and drum machines as they are with guitars, maracas and classical instruments.

To celebrate 20 years of existing, ‘now’ (Angela Last, George Chrysostomou & Justin Paton) will perform 2 different live sets at 8pm & 9:15pm with many previous band members:
Alex Maclean, Andy James, Ben Polhill, Chris Irish, Craig Tamlin, Cynthia Lucci, Fanny Bissa, Giles Narang, Graham Dunning, Lee Mackinnon, Nicole Nagel, Susi O’Neill & Vanessa Marlowe.

Twenty Years of ‘now’
New River Studios, 199 Eade Rd, Manor House, London N4 1DN
Saturday 12th May 2018, 19:30 to 00:00


Visuals by Terry Payman: https://vimeo.com/terrypayman
Aftershow DJ-ing by various now-folks.

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