Mechanical Techno live shows in Sweden

Thursday 18th October: PUSH Festival, Gävle Theater, Gävle
Matinee show, 12:00 noon.

The world’s most cozy festival comes to Gävle Theater!
Start the day with a dose of music during the Ambient Morning concerts, celebrate the lunch with a fine concert at Café Amadeus, experience Bo Linde as you never heard him before when Gävle’s best electronica musician offers brave interpretations and finish the festival with a great Friday break!
With a constant pursuit of new innovative music experiences, PUSH lives in the border between club-oriented electronic music and navel-watching EAM. It swings, blows, whisks, vibrates and provokes, with the most exciting artists from Gävle, Sweden and the world.

Saturday 20th October: Grimeton Radio Station, Varberg in Halland.
Afternoon show, 16:00.

Saturday 20 October, Koloni, in collaboration with INES and Culture in Halland, organizes a concert at the World Heritage Grimeton with the English artist and the music Graham Dunning from London and DJ Slim Vic from Gävle.

The concert is at 16:00 and a bus runs from Gothenburg to Grimeton. The bus departs 14.00 from Nils Erikson terminal and will return to gbg approx 17.30. The bus will also stop at Kungsbacka if anyone wants to jump on / off there. Write it in mailed ice case and we’ll be back in exact times.
Bus and entrance are free, but there are limited places (in the bus) to book a seat in the bus mail kolonigbg (at) to reserve a seat. But if you want to go there, you do not have to reserve a place for the concierge.

Also waiting to hear back about a Gothenburg show on Saturday evening — will post any updates here.



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