TONUS Ensemble, London

I’m playing at Cafe Oto, London, on Saturday 27th October, as part of Dirk Serries’ TONUS ensemble on 4th October, alongside Dirk, Kristoffer Lo / Cath Roberts / Dirk Serries / Benedict Taylor / Martina Verhoeven / Tom Ward / Colin Webster / Otto Willberg.

Info and tickets from the Cafe Oto website, here.

In October this year renowned experimental artist DIRK SERRIES turns 50. Active for more than 3 decades, over 150 albums in various alter-ego’s (vidnaObmana, Fear Falls Burning, etc.) and some of the most respected international labels (Relapse Records, Projekt, Consouling Sounds, Tonefloat, Conspiracy Records, Extreme, Raw Tonk Records, Trost Records) solo or in collaboration with some of the finest in today’s experimental scene (Justin K. Broadrick, Steven Wilson, Asmus Tietchens, Steve Roach, Steve Noble) and in bands like YODOK III, THE VOID OF EXPANSION and KODIAN TRIO.

Known for his experimental soundscapes, constant will to explore and his free improvisation collaborations, he continues to set new goals and this next level is TONUS.

TONUS as an ensemble grew out of Dirk Serries’ jazzcase residency in 2017 for which he brought together a sextet to work around a slow piano motif by Martina Verhoeven. The literal translation of Tonus is muscle strength, but in this context defines a musical system that places equal importance on the space between notes. Both definitions apply here as the music is an exercise in discipline and anticipation while controlling the clarity, sustain and effect of each single note played. The birth of the TONUS happened when Serries realised that he needed a vehicle to explore and perform these exercises, as well as a general classification for his ongoing study in minimalism and free improvisation.

Celebrating his 50th birthday in par with the release of the first two TONUS albums on his own New Wave Of Jazz imprint, Baba Yaga’s Hut & Another Timbre presents this unique event at Café OTO.

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