Playing synth & noises for Damo Suzuki & The Great Electric

On Sunday 4th November I’ll join The Great Electric at The Lexington in London for some improvised, motorik jams with the legendary vocalist Damo Suzuki. Info/tickets here or read more below.

Damo Suzuki (ex-CAN), The Great Electric, Black Country New Road

Sunday, November 04, 19:30
adv £15.40

8pm Black Country New Road
8.45pm The Great Electric
9.30pm Damo Suzuki & The Great Electric

A genuinely unique talent, Damo Suzuki found fame after krautrock legends CAN found him busking in the streets of 70s Cologne. Immediately drafting him in to replace Malcolm Mooney, the band, oft-considered one of the single greatest outfits in western musical history went on to record a plethora of seminal LPs, including TAGO MAGO and EGE BAMYASI.

Damo Suzuki’s never-ending tour here stops off at The Lexington, where he will perform with an assembly of hand-picked local musicians. Suzuki’s synthetic language creates an absolutely astonishing performance, his voice remains a beautiful philosopher’s stone, the alchemical jigsaw piece of the krautrock puzzle.

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