Snare drum set for Noizemaschin!!!, London

To mark the release of my new tape Keg/Bulkhead on Courier Sound, I’m playing a live set of snare drum scrapes and drones at Noizemaschin!!! on Tuesday 13th November.  The show takes place at the Amersham Arms in New Cross, London, and has the unique structure that each short set overlaps with those before and after it; a sausage-machine of sound.  Details below, facebook event page, here.

NoizeMaschin!! London #21

Tuesday, 13 November 2018 from 19:00-22:30
Amersham Arms
388 New Cross Road, SE14 6TY London, United Kingdom

Hot, fresh sounds for the cold season featuring the expected array of diverse approaches to the noise-based medium!

Entry: Pay-what-you-can (£5 suggested)


Graham Dunning – Electromechanically activated drones made using snare-drum and objects. [New cassette Keg / Bulkhead released on Courier on 12th November]

ANTI_MUSIC – Audiovisual eye candy feathered with lengthy sampled beats and found samples

Cyanching Wu – An exploration of hidden music elements, a minimalist aesthetic articulating a political voice

Martin Delaney – Real time composition live jams with limited hardware

Cath Roberts & Dee Bryne – Long term collaborators Dee Byrne (alto saxophone) and Cath Roberts (baritone saxophone) continue their ongoing conversation in this improvising duo

Flying Oyster Card – Sounds of the real world and synthetic transformations

Legitimate Concerns – Improvised poetry and sound, inhabiting contemporary political apostrophising of a sufficiently “real” subject

​Ciocia Ola – Free improvised, laptop infused soprano saxophone

​Slow Loris – Experimental electronica meets free improv; live improvised counterpoint


Poster image courtesy of Martin Delaney –


Also, check out the Noizemaschin!! website: for more information on our international network of experimental music making!

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