New noise/drone release for Noise in Opposition

Released today, a split digital release with improvising group Lärmschutz.

My tracks are both made using live code program TidalCycles: each is an automated composition using some randomisation alongside various automated parameters. Each track just uses one sample, subject to various manipulations and methods of layering. Safety is more abrasive and frantic; Whisp is a drone which plays with harmonics.

The release is part 2 of the Joint Statement series by the Noise in Opposition label: “Noise In Opposition is dedicated to opposing fascism, misogyny, homophobia and other prejudice both within the noise andavant electronic music scenes and in the wider world. It is a record label, a multimedia project, a platform: whatever it needs to be. A labour of love and a matter of principle.”

Coincidentally it’s the second split release I’ve been part of with Lärmschutz, the first was a tape with my collab with Colin Webster from early 2019. Info/listen here.


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