New handmade recycled tape edition: 1947

Out now, an edition of 10 recycled cassettes each with a handmade collage sleeve, recorded on each side with a unique automated composition.

The recordings were made with automated systems which were left to run, each tape recorded in succession so that each is different to the last while containing sound from the same set of sources.

Side A uses turntables with modified records, automated mixing desk, flicked springs, analogue synth and effects units.

Side B uses the video game Half-Life but with all the sounds replaced with samples from rave tracks. A location within the game was selected for its collection of sounds and the player character left in.

This is the first one of these I’ve made in a while and it was fun to create some new, lo-fi automatic music. You can check out the other previous tapes in this series here:

Available on the bandcamp page, here.

2 thoughts on “New handmade recycled tape edition: 1947

  1. Hi G,

    Hope you’re well. Bought the cassette – please sign it on the inside somewhere!

    P x

    Will be in touch soon as our landlords are not renewing our lease after assuring us etc. etc.


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