Noisevember 2019 – A new noise every day

Throughout November I’ll post a new short noise recording to youtube each day. Noisevember is in its 6th year and I’m really excited to be taking part for the first time.

More info on the Noisevember FB event page here, or read more below.

It’s that time of the year again. Noisevember, stage six.

Noisevember is an artistic challenge exercise where the aim is to post sound pieces for every day of the month of November.
There are no restrictions on style, length, format, process or hosting platform. Make whatever you want, upload it wherever you want (preferably with the tag ‘Noisevember’ where available) and post it here (or on your social media/sharing platform of choice.

Previous years’ submissions included noise, drones, field recordings, textures, walls, fragments, sketches, poetry, song form works and even silence.
There is no obligation to submit every day, do as much or as little as you feel like.
The focus is on NEW works so please only submit things which are new or previously unreleased. Don’t just link to your back catalogue every day!

What Noisevember is:
A creative exercise.
An opportunity for sharing, discovering and discussing each other’s works.

What Noisevember is not:
A compilation. There will be no official release or distribution of submissions other than through the Facebook event/blog/Soundcloud group. You are, of course free to publish or release your own Noisevember works in any fashion you like.

A contest. There is no ranking of who is ‘best’ and all submissions will be treated equally.

A platform for you to promote events, releases, labels, compilations. Spam and off-topic postings will be deleted.

**You do not need to participate to be part of this event, if you just want to listen to what other people are doing, that’s cool too**


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