Improvising with hymn in Norwich

Another show playing turntable and objects as part of the ensemble hymn, this time as an improvising trio with Chris Dowding (trumpet and electronics) and David Ross (electronics).

You can hear extracts from a previous show here. Full details below.

Triple-bill – hymn / Woolfenden / Albertine

Saturday 22nd February
The Garage Norwich
14 Chapel Field North, NR2 1NY Norwich, Norfolk

Trumpet and electronics duo WOOLFENDEN mine the space between the experimental and the melodic. They keep as much as possible to a minimum, be it kit or concept, believing simplicity is key. Drawing from the microtonal flutters of Giacinto Scelsi, the drones of Eliane Radigue, and the melodic directness of Miles Davis, they want to make music both pastoral and industrial, futuristic and ancient.

Formed in London in 2018 WOOLFENDEN have performed at Testbed1, The Betsey Trotwood and The Agency Gallery. Sarah Woolfenden is a musician (primarily trumpet and voice) and visual artist. She is the trumpeter and vocalist of Tolerance Manoeuvre, a band which takes the ‘score-based’ songwriting of Mogwai or Sigur Ros but with a jazzier and folkier start point. Justin Harries will perform on analogue monophonic synthesiser and saucepan.

hymn is a group from Norwich with a core trio of Chris Dowding (trumpets & electronics), George McKay (double bass) and David Ross (percussion & electronics). They play spacious improvisations informed by simple composed material.

They also play with guests and in improvised configurations, and this gig is part of a tour with vinyl improviser Graham Dunning. hymn have performed previously at The Vortex Jazz Club, Ashburton Arts Centre and various venues around Norfolk.

Albertine are a Norwich based collective performing improvised music. The group create soundscapes which range from cacophony to moments of fragile beauty.

(photo by Ranieri Spina)

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