Recent releases: compilation tracks and Damo Suzuki gig recording

A few releases which have come out in the past couple of weeks, below.

Hackoustik – fundraising Album for Iklektik

Iklectik has been our spiritual home and where we have hosted every one of our Presents night. It’s a special place and unique in London for its warm inviting atmosphere and an instant feeling of community.

With the current pandemic putting a halt to events, iklectik will have zero funds coming in. They are a self-funded non-profit art organisation, which relies only on audiences and private bookings.

We have compiled an album full of artists we have showcased at our Presents nights at Iklectik, with all funds going directly to this wonderful venue and their amazing staff.

If you don’t want the album but still want to donate, please head to their donation page:


CHEAP BASTARD VOL. 1 from humanhood recordings

feat. Modelbau , Thaniel Ion Lee, LLARKS, Ben Rehling, {AN} EeL, Parker Weston, Arvo Zylo, TAB IN TAB OUT, Nicholas Maloney, Timothy Garrett, Richard Ramirez, DFFDL, Convivial Cannibal Clan, Graham Dunning, Joe​+​N ,156 and Crank Sturgeon, Eric Lanzillotta
released March 20, 2020

Damo Suzuki & sound carriers – Live 23​/​5​/​12

Improvised live inside Birthdays, London 23/5/12 by:
Craig Tamlin – drums
Damo Suzuki – voice
Georgina Treloar – xylophone & percussion
Graham Dunning – turntable & percussion
Justin Paton – bass
Marcus Hamblett – guitar


released March 30, 2020

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