Live stream with Amy Cutler for I Am An Instrument: PANOPTICON

This Saturday, 11th April, the first live set of a new audiovisual collaboration with Amy Cutler. I Am An Instrument: PANOPTICON runs from 19:15 to midnight or so, streaming from Katie O’Neill in Dublin. Full details further down the page.

Our project explores live production of sound and visuals using household objects, torches, phone cameras, small synths, photographic slides, field recordings and other bits and bobs. The live project is an iteration of our ongoing daily collaboration PILOTS, below.


Panopticon: Live Stream from I Am An Instrument

Saturday 11th April from 19:15 – 00:30

Tune in to a once-off live stream from I Am An Instrument. I will be posting links to each act’s stream page over the next few days. For now… Mark it down!

19:15-19:45: Suzanne Walsh
20:00-20.30: Graham Dunning
20:45-21:15: Max Le Cain – Close Watch Television.
21.30-22:00: Natalia Beylis
22:15-22:45: Oli Ryan

Expect the unexpected.


Suzanne Walsh is an artist, writer and musician originally from Wexford, currently based in Dublin.

Her work is cross-disciplinary, with crossovers between the literary, music, and art world. Writing forms one strand part of the practice, both in the form of essays, poetry, and fiction, but also interventions and spoken-word performances in a gallery/lecture-hall context. She has a background in acting and theatre which she utilises within performances. Her writing is published in literary and art journals such as gorse journal, Winter Papers, Circa art magazine, The Tangerine, Visual Artist News Sheet amongst others.

Music/sound forms the other strand of her practice, from singing and instrumentation to improvisation and experimentation with performances and recording.

Recent work also involves photography and video along with text and audio elements.

Recent research interests are performativity, language, the outer limits of what is the ‘self’ but also what is ‘real’, human/animal divide, notions of poetic/fictional truth, rewilding.


Amy Cutler is an artist, cultural geographer, curator, writer, and film-maker who works with ideas of geography and nonhuman others. In her career in the GeoHumanities she has completed a PhD, a post-doc, and an ECR fellowship, and during this time she has exhibited her work or run live events with organisations including the BBC, Somerset House, Sheffield Doc/Fest, Sheffield Institute of Arts, the Wellcome Trust, the Horniman Museum, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, Late Junction, Tate Modern, the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, the Horse Hospital, the Natural History Museum, and Kew Museum of Economic Botany. Her geography training impacts her work as an artist, performer, and curator, and she works frequently on the production of immersive and live cinema and exhibition events provoking and changing the public conversation around ideas of space, geography, and nature-cultures. She was most recently lecturing in animal studies in the Visual Cultures department at Goldsmiths, University of London, but she also teaches more publicly, applying her cross-disciplinary training to developing unusual masterclasses and fieldtrips for museums, festivals, and galleries.

Graham Dunning is self-taught as an artist and musician having studied neither discipline academically. His live work explores sound as texture, timbre and something tactile, drawing on bedroom production, tinkering and recycling found objects. He also creates visual work, video and installations drawing on these themes.

Much of the work evolves through experimentation with different processes: considering the methods by which sounds become music; process as a continuum encompassing both improvisational and procedural methods; and testing analogous processes across different media.

Graham has performed solo and in ensembles across the UK, Europe and Canada, and exhibited in the UK, Europe, New Zealand and USA. He teaches Experimental Sound Art at the Mary Ward Centre in London and also gives various independent workshops. He has released through Entr’acte, Seagrave, Tombed Visions and more.


Close Watch Television

Have you ever wondered why Maximilian Le Cain is not in charge of a major TV network? Probably not. But if you watch this garbled ephemeral hodgepodge remix audiovisual splurge, you’ll see exactly what would happen if he was put in control of telly content – and understand why such a catastrophe must be averted at all costs. CWTV stars Le Cain as Moon Tiger and Richard the Goat as JG Ballard.

Le Cain is an internationally recognised experimental film artist whose practice explores a personal relationship with cinema as a site of haunting He is associated with the Dublin-based film production/distribution organisation Experimental Film Society (EFS) and frequently works in partnership with Vicky Langan. Their feature film Inside (2017) was recently acquired for The Arts Council Collection. His recent feature Whale Skull (2019), made to mark the 20th anniversary of the founding of EFS, was exclusively premiered on the EFS Video on Demand platform where it can now be viewed.


Natalia Beylis’s work revolves somewhere between sonic story-teller, composer and multi-instrumental musician. In her recordings and performances, she layers seemingly incongruous sounds atop of each other to spawn strange juxtapositions and garbled parallels. The Quietus call her work “an exceptional tape of instrumental incantations and explorations”. Her releases with her band Woven Skull have garnered similar praise and, in addition to a busy touring schedule with them and a solo performer she also runs a record label Sofia Records and is a regular contributor to Dublin Digital Radio.


Oli Ryan is a composer and multidisciplinary artist known for his atmospheric and visceral work with Tongue Bundle (Unbend Leg Out), Open Night Cinema, Gorrister, and the Comedian, incorporating dissonance since 2001. He recently composed the cinematic soundtrack for Autumnal Sleep by Michael Higgins. Legendary in the Irish underground, a rare performance from Oli is one not to be missed and will envelop your ears and probably leave you unable to remember your own name.




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