Live stream live code set for Algo:ritmi at The Circle – virtual exhibition –

My first ever live performance in a VR environment! I’ll play an improvised live code set using samples and TidalCylces for the Algo:ritmi dome, on Monday 27th May. You can attend in 2d too, just enter the virtual space through your browser. Full info below.  20:30 UTC+2 = 7.30pm UK time

Find the venue at

Facebook event page:

Algo:ritmi 24-7 Floors Opening – Graham Dunning Live Performance

27 Apr at 20:30  UTC+02

Graham Neil Dunning is welcoming you at 20.30 to celebrate the opening of the new space 24/7 Floors in the UXR.Zone.
Soon after the opening of The Dome – world’s first native virtual reality art space & cultural hub – the project keeps on developing presenting 24/7 Floors. Fully conceived and designed in virtual reality, it aims to be the space that collects all the live performances presented by Algoritmi.

After the events that took place in #VR #metaverse inside UXR.ZONE during last weeks, we made a further step towards the conceptualization of a new way of conceiving and experiencing (digital) art, live coding, electronic music.

Choose your standard avatar – or get your customized one – and enter the space from any device, with or without VR headset, without downloading any app.

Opening performance by Graham Neil Dunning at 8.30 pm CET
Graham Dunning explores sound as texture, timbre and something tactile, drawing on bedroom production, tinkering and recycling found objects.
This live set will be an improvised live code performance: fragments of techno, 2-step and rave.

– æneæ – Enea Le Fons
VR Holographic DJ Set + Synth.
Enea Le Fons is the cybernaut behind #30daysinVR challenge, virtual Architect and developer of the

Founder and Artistic Director Karin Gavassa
Designed and Developed by Enea Le Fons #30daysinVR
Visual direction & Graphic design Jay ID
With the collaboration of Marco Modena

Algo:ritmi is a project by Associazione Culturale Passepartout
Supported by Regione Piemonte
In Co-production Associazione culturale Variante Bunker

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