Noise Quest 3 – Thursday 30th April – live stream experimental & electronic music

Noise Quest 3 – Thursday 30th April

live stream experimental & electronic music

20:05 Larry Crywater

20:45 Tamu Nkiwane

21:30 Leon Trimble

22:15 Yi Lilei

NQ3 2005 Daphnellc

Drum machine techno made for dancing.


Tamu Nkiwane is a multimedia Artist, working within the realms of sound and 3D. Interested in found sounds, tapes, loops and installations.
Performance: Marbles in Spiderland
“In the performance I will be working with found tapes, Nanoloops, keys and guitar. I will attempt to make a soundtrack to a series of shorts I’ve written which will be read by different people. I will call them live and have them read aloud the text – a series of four short narrations from the point of view of a nameless character. ”

Leon Trimble is an Audiovisual Performer currently researching the implications of the performer/conductor/magician through the livecoding of analogue audiovisual circuits and card tricks.
performance: Wizard Woden – choose your own (Livecode) adventure!
Leon will be using polls to create performance – choose letters from the name of the gravity synth and The Wizard will livecode with those letters. The Wizard will then turn these into glyphs to livecode with, and animate the corresponding runes. choose wisely, some of them will not produce sound!

Li Yilei (b. China) is a London/Shanghai based multi-disciplinary artist and musician working primarily with sound, performance and installation. As a gender non-conforming individual with Asperger’s, the experience fluctuates between chaos and sometimes painful stillness. Their body of work is plagued with the polarity of minimalist subtle moments that are translated into abstract sonic languages.

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