Noise Quest 4 – Live stream experimental & electronic music, Wednesday 13 May 2020

20:00 Andrew Lisle
playing with the concepts of the fluidity and rigidity of time

20:45 TVO
processing Gaelic psalms into droning techno

21:30 Void Hands
pure no-input mixer experimental techno

22:15 Shelly Knotts
code, data and networks lead down strange and diverse musical paths


Andrew Lisle is a drummer/composer based in London. He works in the fields of Free Jazz, and improvisation; performing with the likes of Colin Webster, Alex Ward, John Edwards, John Dikeman, and Rodrigo Amado. This performance will be a solo improvisation playing with the concepts of the fluidity and rigidity of time, a subject which has been an extensive study of Andrew’s.

TVO is Ruaridh Law; a sound artist and musician based in Paisley, Scotland; over 20 years he has performed in groups, in collaborations and solo across a wide range of festivals, arts spaces, venues and clubs as performer, improviser, DJ and artist, as well as hosting radio shows and writing.
He runs the Broken20 multimedia label, which has been releasing experimental music, DVD, cassette, vinyl and mixed media works over 10 years and 50+ releases; he has also recently set up further_in, an online streaming channel dedicated to platforming art from artists who have lost bookings, gigs and opportunities due to the global COVID-19 epidemic.


Void Hands is Richard Knight, a data artist, actively involved in music production, composition, and performance in addition to computer software development for artistic means. Currently based in the North of the UK, he is motivated by the interaction of organic and electronic phenomena. He is also known for pioneering a raw techno style purely with mixing desks (sometimes in collaboration with Juergen Ehrmann) and has released experimental pure no-input mixer recordings on the labels Concrete Moniker and Fractal Meat Cuts.

Shelly Knotts is an improviser who performs with computers and other humans. Interests in code, data and networks have lead her down strange and diverse musical paths from electroacoustic composition, through jazz and noise music to algorave. She experiments with generative and AI techniques and opinionated algorithms to make music. She has performed at numerous Algoraves and other live coding events worldwide, solo and with collaborative projects including algo-pop duo ALGOBABEZ. In 2017 she was a winner of BBC Radiophonic Workshop and PRSF ‘The Oram Awards’ for innovation in sound and music. By day she is a researcher at Durham University working on the research project ‘Musically Intelligent Machines Interacting Creatively’.




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