PANOPTICON Album Launch – Half-life with rave sounds playthrough stream

‘Half-Life’, all in-game sounds replaced with samples from 90s rave tracks and sample CDs. Join me for a live playthrough to mark the launch of the album. From approx 10am (uk time) onwards.
“The research consists of four main phases: The first phase involves extraction of the silhouette of an individual. Calculating the gait period or gait cycle of the individual follows this. Finding the sum of silhouettes is the next step. Finally, similarity score computation and matching process is performed for recognition. Any two images when compared using root mean square value are said to be similar if the value falls under the given threshold.” 1
“Spend a little bit of time with neural networks, and you realize that anyone holding something in their hand is likely to be identified as someone ‘holding a cellphone,’ or ‘holding a Wii controller.’” 2
releases May 16, 2020
Concept & execution by Graham Dunning
Mastered by Angel Marcloid
Album art by Alex Bertram-Powell
‘Half-Life’ by Sierra Studios
1 ‘Human Gait Recognition And Classification Using Similarity Index’, Nahid A Makhdoomi et al 2013 IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 53 012069 –
2 ‘Invisible Images (Your Pictures Are Looking at You)’, Trevor Paglen, The New Inquiry, December 2016 –

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