Guest mix for Noods Radio

Monday 25th May from 21:00-22:00 Noods Radio, Bristol will host a guest mix, with some new stuff from the Fractal Meat label, some of my forthcoming releases, some speed garage and some other brand new techno, and some noise. Full tracklist and bandcamp links below, tune in at


Graham Dunning & Amy Cutler The Cultivator Was Ist Das (forthcoming)
Paul Nataraj Blue & Sentimental Fractal Meat Cuts
Disgusting Cathedral Yarefully Got or he Killse Cycluddy Braked Blace Rug Disgusting Cathedral
Kelly Bailey Half-Life12  
Justin Paton Acid Thaw Case Records
Graham Dunning Tunnel SØVN Records
Same People Dangerous Locked On
Ilana Byrne Hop Skip & Jump shebco sounds
Bleaker Hype (Funk) Unknown To The Unknown ‎
Grobbie Headshot (Samuel Deep Edit) SlapFunk Records
Nush Nush X:treme Records
DJ Rush Djax Up Beat Djax-Up-Beats
TFT Bleach Injection TFT
Rezzett Fire Bomb Rezzett
Graham Dunning Yellow Henge (Radio Occult) Every Contact Leaves A Trace
Swefn 1_221018 Ian Watson
Amy Cutler   it came from siberia almost like a walking machine Fractal Meat Cuts (forthcoming)
Mariam Rezaei NEPOTISM ft. Fritz Welch Fractal Meat Cuts

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