Noise Quest 7: Livestreaming electronic and experiential music – Wednesday 29th July, 20:00-23:00 (uk)

20:00 Jonathan Higgins

20:45 Remi Fox-Novák

21:30 Bell Lungs

22:15 Lauren Sarah Hayes

Noise Quest 7
Wednesday 29th July
20:00 – 23:00 (uk time)


Jonathan Higgins is a composer and performer based in London who focuses on finding different ways of utilising noise to create music. He music often looks to communication systems and the noise inherent within them as tool for manipulating and creating sounds.
This set will be performed on hacked sony discman players and a CD recorder. Sounds from the CD players will be re-recorded to CD and reused, degrading the sounds on each recursive loop. This is a live interpretation of the process used to make the EP Bootlegs, released on Fractal Meat Cuts last year.

Remi Fox-Novák is a member of electronic experimentalists Surfacing. Away from the group, his music solo leans harder into the sounds of club music, whilst still informed by Surfacing’s spontaneous industrial growl.
The set, beamed directly from his home studio, will be a showcase of Remi Fox-Novák’s experimental exploration of audio technology as well as his approach to techno.

Bell Lungs: A mesmeric voice pours into your ears, atop mellotron violin, fingerpicked guitar, omnichord drones, bowed chimes, field recordings & glitchy electronics. Drawing on psychedelic, free improvisation and folk influences, Bell Lungs creates transcendental atmospherically shifting soundscapes interspersed with snippets of songs, musing upon rural idylls, post-industrial heartlands​ and​ online dating.

Lauren Sarah Hayes is a Scottish musician and sound artist based in Arizona who builds and performs with hybrid analogue/digital instruments. She is a “positively ferocious improvisor” (Cycling ‘74), her music refusing to sit nicely between free improv, experimental pop, techno, and noise. Over the last decade she has developed and honed a deliberately challenging and unpredictable performance system that explores the relationships between bodies, sound, environments, and technology. The Wire described her most recent album MANIPULATION (pan y rosas discos) as “skittering melodies and clip-clopping rhythms suggesting a mischievous intelligence emerging from this web of wires”. She is a member of the New BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

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