SOHNE: Improvising ensemble live in Paris

On Monday 29th May I’ll join the large improvising ensemble Sohne for a one-off show in Paris, France. I’ll play turntable and dubplates, with David Leutkart [Synthesizer], Felix Mayer [Trombone], Rolf Pifnitzka [Saxophone], Pia Abzieher [Piano], Sebastian Bauhofer [Cello], and Sascha Brosamer [Grammophone & Harp].

Monday 29th May 2017, 19:30h
Cité Internationale des Arts
18 Rue de l’Hôtel de ville, 75004 Paris
Free entry

Full details on the flier below.


Obsolète: exhibition and performance at Galerie Paradise, Nantes, France

Beginning my residency at the Galerie Paradise project space, an exhibition of current work and a live Mechanical Techno set. Details below.

Graham Dunning

Haunted machines, redundant assemblages and rusty artefacts.
An exhibition of works from 2008 to the present, plus live performances from Graham Dunning and Leslie Deere.

Current resident artist at Paradise, Graham Dunning [b. 1981] is self-taught as an artist and musician. His performances explore sound as texture, timbre and something tactile. He also creates visual work, video and installations drawing on drawing on bedroom production, tinkering and recycling found objects.

Exhibition opens Friday 12th May, 18h30. Performances from 19h30.

Galerie Paradise
6 rue Sanlecque,
44000 Nantes,

Graham DunningVernissage le Vendredi 12 mai 2017 à 18h30
Performance à 19h30

Cette exposition présente le travail de Graham Dunning, artiste anglais, en résidence à Paradise de Mai à Juin.
Une exposition en juin présentera le travail qu’il a réalisé lors de sa résidence.

Machines hantées, assemblages redondants et artefacts rouillés.
Une performance en direct et une exposition d’œuvres de 2008 à nos jours.

Graham Dunning [b. 1981] est autodidacte. Ses performances explorent le son comme texture, timbre et quelque chose de tactile. Il crée également un travail visuel, des vidéos et des installations en s’appuyant sur la production de chambre, le bricolage et le recyclage des objets trouvés.

Tape mix for We Need No Swords podcast

Available to stream now, an hour long mix I put together for Paul Margree’s We Need No Swords podcast. I used three tape decks playing a selection of my own material, stuff from my label Fractal Meat Cuts, and various other sounds I’ve been enjoying recently. Listen here. Full tracklist below.


Coims – White Olives (The Gims, Bumtapes)
Bowditch – Kenco Coffee Tub (Southend Objectified, Fractal Meat Cuts)
Graham Dunning – Field Recordings of Dubplates (Dawn Into Dusk, Earshots Recordings)
Cremation Lily & Kevin Sanders – Heather, Shining Light (Falling Softly on the Heads Of Those Responsible, Strange Rules)
Colin Webster – Right Mandible (Antennae, Gaffer Records)
Monte Burrows – Zero Threshold (The Concentration of Brown Owls, Dinzu Artefacts)
C. Reider – Teil 1 (Chew Cinders, Midnight Circles)
Unknown marketing tape labelled “0905 754455”
Graham Dunning – Whispers of the Dead Side 2 (Whispers of the Dead, Fractal Meat Cuts)
Schuttle – Meed Trope (Home, Panatype)
Far Rainbow – Zero-T Problematics (No Medicine That Can Cure A Fool, Zero Wave)
Unknown marketing tape labelled “Catering For Success”
Ondness – Curare (Surf E Performance, Fort Evil Fruit)
Ian Stonehouse – Erasure of Birds (Voyage en Kaléidescope, The Lumen Lake)
John Macedo – I Knew Her So Well (#59, Soundholes)
Voi Doid – Kumar Pt2 (Atman-Brahman, LOM)
Neil Cosgrove – Bady Acid Original Mix (Bum Montage, Conditional)
Belisha Beacon – A-Pathetic (This Is Fine, Fractal Meat Cuts)
Rosanne Robertson – Stem (Appendage & Bond, Fractal Meat Cuts)
Left Hand Cuts Off The Right – Martwy Cien (Menuthias, Self Released)
Blood Room – 500 Ely Wasp (Graham Dunning Remix) (Dendera Light, Sovn Records)
LBNHRX – R8 (OPA, Cleaning Tapes)
Masayuki Imanishi – Clips side A (Clips, Soft Error)
Ewa Justka – Horny 2 (Acid Smut, Fractal Meat Cuts)
Graham Dunning – Shim (Wound, Fractal Meat Cuts)

Artist in Residence at Galerie Paradise, Nantes, France

Through May and June 2017 I’ll be working at Galerie Paradise in Nantes, to put together two exhibitions. The first will be a show of existing work, opening on 11th May. Following my stay at the gallery, a second exhibition will show from 15th June through summer, focusing on new work made during my stay.

There will also be some performances and other live events during the two months, which I’ll post about here once dates are confirmed. More information from the gallery’s website, here.

Image from here.

Mechanical Techno remix and video

Out now, a new remix I made using the Mechanical Techno setup, for Michael Forrest. Starting with some samples from the original song cut onto a dubplate, I built a new iteration of the machine and mixed down a live take to create the track. You can buy the 9 minute long tune along with the single, here.

The whole process was captured on  film by Michael with several cameras, and made into this instructional video. You can watch the whole thing below.

Sonic Imperfections at Telegraph Hill Festival

On 29th March I’ll play a set for Sonic Imperfections in a church in South London.

Sonic Imperfections is a popular monthly night of experimental music based at The Montague Arms, of almost legendary fame on the corner of Queen’s Road and Kender Street. The spirit continues and every month three cutting edge acts play experimental music.

As part of Telegraph Hill Festival we migrate up to the top of Telegraph Hill and are featuring a number of acts who are at the forefront of what is new, strange and truly inspiring.
St Catherine’s Church, Hatcham, London on Wednesday 29 March 2017
Doors Open at 7:30PM
Starts at 8:00PM
Ticket Price: £4.00 – £8.00*
*booking fee applies