Listed below are various works which I’ve published as editions. Audio editions are available through my bandcamp page. Others you can buy from me direct. Please feel free to contact me for more info.


AIRM 2015: Rhythm out of Time

A clear vinyl, double A sided, 12 inch dubplate, created by Cieciura/De Sousa, Graham Dunning and Caleb Madden.… Continue reading AIRM 2015: Rhythm out of Time


Process Archive One

A forty page booklet of photocopied images from by-products, offcuts, procedures and processes over three years.
Made for Press Gang at Sluice__2015.… Continue reading Process Archive One

Stone Tapes (master, copy)

Stone Tapes

Edition of 9 cast, coloured resin-plaster objects. First exhibited at Reactor Halls, Primary, Nottingham, June 1015.… Continue reading Stone Tapes


Short Run Self Releases

Various cassette and CDR editions through my handmade releases label, Fractal Meat Cuts. The tapes are usually recycled. I use a combination of physical and digital collage for the covers.

Untitled (Polaroids)

Untitled (Polaroids)

Two pairs of Polaroid photographs, framed, produced at for the If Wet fundraising auction. … Continue reading Untitled (Polaroids)

Permanent Location Archive One

Permanent Location Archive One

A series of eight lo-fi field recordings and eight analogue photographs from each address I’ve called my permanent home.… Continue reading Permanent Location Archive One