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17-19/5/19 – Patterns of Movement, Sidney & Matilda Gallery, Sheffield
Two new videos, Drift, and objects used in making them, exhibited as part of AlgoMech festival, following a two-day residency.


29/10 – 4/11/18 – Silencio, Paris, France
Collaborative recording with Laica from the Bunker Sound project played as part of a selection of recordings.

20/10 – 3/11/18 – The Ghost Tide, Thames Side Studios gallery, London
Stone Tapes shown as part of a group show.

31/03/18 – Copper Sounds Album Launch, Brunswick Club, Bristol
Various modified records shown as part of a group show.


1/12/17 – Deconstruct Yourself, De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill-on-Sea
Showing video pieces Untitled (Translation 1) and new video work based on Anomalous Materials project.

21/10/17 – Klangkunstnacht, Kunstverein Letschebach, Karlsruhe, Germany
Verti-Forma shown in the exhibition space during performance event.

30/09 – 15/10/17 – Club Ponderosa, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead
Real Data shown in the group show, as part of TUSK Festival 2017.

28/09 – 28/10/17 – Museum of Peripheral Collections, Rennes, France
Solo exhibition with new works: Catalogue of Record Collections, Stuck Trax, Diorama of a Home Recording Studio, Collection of Found Post-it Notes and several other collections.
Existing works: various modified records, Fifty Three of the Best Recordings I Never Got Round To Making, the back catalogue of the Fractal Meat label.

20/09 – 17/11/17 – Emotion and the Tech(no)body, Unconscious Archives Festival, Austrian Cultural Forum
Group exhibition, showing Stone Tapes.

14/7 – 31/12/17 – Global Forest 2017, Sankt Georgen im Schwartzwald, Germany
Group show following two-week residency.
New works: Field Tracing, Ten Songs as Raw Matter.  
Existing works: Untitled (Translation 1), Untitled (Rust Radio).

15/6 – 31/8/17 – Schéma, Galerie Paradise, Nantes, france
Solo exhibition of new work made during the residency.
Showing: Trap Set, UFO, Monochrome, Verti-Forma, Tonight, Real DataSchéma, modified records (Monochrome Series).

12/5 -11/6/17 – Obsolète, Galerie Paradise, Nantes, france
Solo show of existing work and new performance video, for a two-month residency.
Showing modified records (various series), Fifty Three of the Best Recordings I Never Got Round To Making, Untitled (Translation 1), Untitled (Tape Ghosts), Stone Tapes, Empty Content Machine, Untitled (Rust Radio).

24-26/3/17 – ReROOTed, Humber Street Gallery, Hull
Group show. New installation Empty Content Machine.


15-28/12/16 – Obsolete Desire, Chrisp Street Market, London
Listening post of Aggregate, recording made in nearby Balfron Tower.

1-26/11/16 – AAS: Chaotic Good: Crabhead / Collaborative Princess / Lumpy Oracle, Gallery North, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Three room show for AAS: multiple video works, sculptural installations, sound, interactive monolith, live stream. Opened with four hour performance.

30/9 – 30/12/16 – Global Forests, St Georgen im Schwarzwald, Germany
Six modified records from Mechanical Techno project.

3/9/16 – Fort Process, Newhaven Fort, East Sussex
Mechanical Laboratory of Antimatter: curated performance-installation also featuring Leslie Deere, Sam Underwood, Henry Collins.

26-27/8/16 – Strange Umbrellas #14, Sowieso, Berlin, Germany
Screenings of Untitled (Translation 1) video.

2/6 – 10/7/16 – Feeling Safer, IMT Gallery, London
AAS: Farming the Young / On the Mirrors of Yukon video

20-21/4/16 – Flatpack Film Festival, Millennium Point, Birmingham
Installation of Rotor Station A, B, C.

15/3/16 – Speak Up, The Nines, London
Listening post of Untitled (Tape Ghosts).


1-27/11/15 – Rhythm & Drone // Research & Development, Machines Room, London
Solo exhibition of Rotor Station A, B, C throughout residency.

24/9 – 30/10/15 – Symphony Of Hunger: Digesting Fluxus In Four Movements, Galeria A+A, Venice, Italy
Four modified records displayed in group show.

14-28/9/15 – Closet Music: Music for Imaginary Performance, The Proud Archivist, London
Twenty Nine of the Best Recordings I Never Got Round To Making in group show.

4/9 – 2/10/15 –  IM’Ten, IMT Gallery, London
Election Cut 02 shown in group exhibition.

14-17/8/15 – Zone Five Film Festival, Usurp, London
Untitled (Translation 1) shown throughout festival.

11/7/15 – TransActing: A Market of Values, Chelsea College, London
Music By The Metre While-U-Wait Kiosk, performance installation.

26/7/15 – Collecting//Objects//Sounding, Goldsmiths, UAL, London
Exhibition of various objects and collections, plus performance-installation of Music by the Metre.

6/7/15 – Ghost in the Machine Music, Reactor Halls, Primary, Nottingham
Assembled objects and sound installation as part of the event I curated. Showing Stone Tapes and Untitled (Tape Ghosts).

8-17/5/15 – Roadside Museum, BasementArtsProject, Leeds
Dubplate and tape spool of recordings, buried for a year as part of the project.

5-28/2/15 – London: A Sonic Fragment, The Auricle, Christchurch, New Zealand
Untitled (Translation 1) video shown in group exhibition.

5-9/2/15 – CORRESPONDENCE, Prestamex House, Brighton
Tape-swap installation with Embla Quickbeam Rowan Forristier-Waker


9-30/10/14 – For Posterity, The Auricle, Christchurch, New Zealand
Solo showing of For Posterity in sound art specific gallery.

15/9 – 6/10/14 – Roadside Museum, FYC Gallery, Blackpool
Dubplate and tape spool of recordings, buried for a year as part of the project.

9-11/8/14 – Supernormal Festival, Oxfordshire
Music By The Metre While-U-Wait Kiosk, performance installation.

2/8/14 – Hackney WICKed Festival, London
Music By The Metre While-U-Wait Kiosk, performance installation.

1/8/14 – Hackney WICKed Festival, London
AAS: Lammas Drone Silo; large scale installation and durational performance.

26-27/7/14 – Fear+Trembling_, Five Years Gallery, London
AAS workshop and video installation Holectics: Team 1/2/3

27.2.14 – sound.art, Tin Tabernacle, London
Group exhibition, showing a version of And A Word Carries Far.


2-9/12/13 – Seven Days of Sound, Leamington Spa
Permanent Location Archive One – photos, drawings and recordings as part of a group show.

7-14/11/13 – ALIENESE 24 HOUR, Vestibule, London
Collage masks made at Holly Ann-Buck’s Colagism workshop, shown as part of her installation.

8-14/4/13 – Residency and open studio, The Penthouse, Manchester
Exhibiting Remains, collage works made during the residency.

15/3/13 – Closet Music, Richmond Town Hall, London
Twenty-Nine of the Best Recordings I Never Got Round To Making shown in group exhibition about imaginary musical scores.


27/07/12 – On The Ledge gallery, London
Twenty-Nine of the Best Recordings I Never Got Round To Making – new installation made for the On The Ledge Project.

21/07/12 – The Crystal World Salon, The White Building, London
Various experiments from the week long lab residency shown.

5/5 – 29/7/12 – Sound//Space, V22 Bermondsey, London
First showing of Music By The Metre as a market stall and installation.

15/3 – 21/4/12 – For Posterity, SoundFjord, London
First exhibition of For Posterity installation, as a solo show.



8/9 – 8/10/11 – Loss Shines a Light on What Remains, AC Institute, New York
Solo exhibition of three installations: Untitled with Records and Hammer, Stutter and Untitled.

4-5/8/11 – Luton Summer Festival, Luton
Interactive installation Your Luton Symphony.

11-18/7/11 – RHÔD 2011, Drefelin, Wales
Showing new installation Y Gwylwyr (Sentinels) as part of a group show.

20/04/11 – Figure Ground, V22 Light Vessel, Gillingham, Kent
Group exhibition from mini residency, showing new installation And A Word Carries Far…

18/3/11 – Lightworks, Grimsby Minster, Grimsby
Audio recording ccident played as part of the festival sound installations.

3/3 – 2/4/11 – Time Pieces, Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Art, Lancaster.
Untitled (Tape Ghosts) shown as part of a group show.


27-30/10/10 – Pongress, Berlin
Group show including my audio recording, The Arrow of Time.

18/9 – 3/10/17 – Visitor Centre, Rea Garden, Birmingham
Full site installation, solo exhibition – showing Visitor Centre, culmination of a two month residency.

9/9 – 9/10/10 – A Site of No Special Interest, Solihull Gallery, Solihull
Group show about the Rea Garden site in Birmingham, showing new installation Three Artefacts.

29/5/10  – UNSUNGfest, Contact Theatre, Manchester
Showing Magical Worlds of Melody as part of a group exhibition linked to the poetry festival.

29-30/5/10 – Mill24, Islington Mill, Manchester
24 hour performance and installation The Arrow Of Time. Documented at a live blog, here.

2-23/4/10 – Lost Language, Kraak, Manchester
New installation Untitled (Tape Ghosts) showing for the first time. Curated by Louise Woodcock.

20/2/10 – sixty_six_events, Five Years Gallery, London
Objects and videos made in response to Matthew Lee Knowles’ project.


10/12-09 – Late Night Live Art at Kraak, Kraak, Manchester
First showing of Untitled with Records and Hammer and Stutter.

1-14/7/09 – Krumm, Outlet, Manchester
Showing the video Long Railing as part of a group show.




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