Free Downloads


Various albums which are available to download for free!
(Links to bandcamp pages)

Dunning & Brosamer – Glocken (2019)
Turntable, gramophone, synths & effects

Music By The Metre Archive Two (2019)
Automated recordings using looping record players, synth drone, live environmental sound and tape loops.

Way Too Much Time (2018)
Mechanical Techno studio tracks

DunningWebsterUnderwood – Bleed (2016)
Turntable, saxophone, tuba free improvisation

Mechanical Techno Live (2015)
Live set from an early iteration of the project

Colin Webster & Graham Dunning – Invertebrata (2014)
Walkmans, Found Tapes, Amplified Objects / saxophone improvisations

Colin Webster & Graham Dunning – Estigate (2014)
Turntable & dubplates / saxophone improvisations

Recompiled 2010-2011
compilation of miscellaneous tracks released first elsewhere