Mammoth Beat Organ – live at Tor Festival

Over a year since our debut performance at Supersonic 2018, me and Sam Underwood are taking the Mammoth Beat Organ on the road again to play at Tor Festival in Todmorden. We’ve made loads of updates to the machine (see video below) and will be further finessing it for a week or so before the show.

I’ll also do a solo snare drum floor tom set for Floor Tom Fest on the Sunday of the event.

Tor Fest is back!
Experimental / Psych / Folk / Drone / Noise / Doom


Tor Festival is held in the West Yorkshire market town of Todmorden, this year taking place across two stages at The Golden Lion pub. Friday night is warm up night, this will be in the intimate live room upstairs, tickets will be very limited! Saturday is all day, two stages and loads amazing performers, Sunday afternoon is free entry and we’ve invited Willie Stewart (Woven Skull, Divil A’ Bit) to curate Floor Tom Fest, a celebration of experimental drum based music!


Total Solidarity – benefit compilation for grassroot LGBTQIA+ organizations in Poland

I have a new unreleased track available on this compilation from Polish label Oramics, a fundraiser for LGBTQIA+ organizations in Poland. The comp has over 100 tracks from artists all around the world. Full information below.

a benefit compilation for grassroots LGBTQIA+ organizations in Poland

Instead of total hatred, we give you TOTAL SOLIDARITY. We present you with the compilation created thanks to the cooperation of Oramics collective and the person behind New York Haunted label – Drvg Cvltvre. All proceeds from the digital sales will support Polish queer organizations: Kampania Przeciw Homofobii and Miłość Nie Wyklucza, who monitor homophobia, provide all kind of support for queer people and have agreed to help us redistribute the proceeds throughout LGBTQIA+ organizations in smaller cities and towns of Poland, who need them the most.

Among the supporters of our action, you will find international headliners, underground stars, beginners, heroes from our local scene in Poland and music from the members of Oramics collective.

In recent years, we have observed an evolving campaign of homophobia run by the right-wing Polish government, spread by the government media and fueled by the Catholic Church. We have heard that the LGBTQIA+ community is a plague, a dangerous ideology, a threat to morality and Polish culture and should be fought with fire. These words caused an eruption of violence, e.g. recent pogrom-like attacks on a Pride march in Białystok and targeting queer people on the streets as well as their allies wearing rainbow symbols. This atmosphere of disrespect, violence and hate leads many Polish queer people to depression, migration or even suicide.
The electronic music scene in Poland has recently taken a stand and many initiatives, festivals, collectives and clubs declared their solidarity and support. We want to take it further and do what we do best: share our passion for music and creating spaces where we can all feel free and at home. Music, art and the club scene are all parts of culture which is not and cannot be indifferent to historical and social turmoils or political oppression. Quite the contrary, it has always been the voice of resistance. Club culture is something more than hedonistic sounds letting you forget about your everyday life, it is something more than a way to make money – it is a tool that can help other people. Apart from the fundraiser party at Jasna 1 on August 9th 2019, we present you with the compilation “TOTAL SOLIDARITY” created thanks to the cooperation of Oramics collective and the person behind New York Haunted label – Drvg Cvltvre. All proceeds from the digital sales will support Polish queer organizations: Kampania Przeciw Homofobii and Miłość Nie Wyklucza, who monitor homophobia, provide all kind of support for queer people and have agreed to help us redistribute the proceeds throughout LGBTQIA+ organizations in smaller cities and towns of Poland, who need them the most. It took us less than a week to collect more than 100 tracks from all kinds of electronic music genres, from various different producers from far and near who wish to support the queer community in Poland. Once again we want to pay respect to the roots of club culture in queer, people of color, anti-gentrification, anti-state oppression struggle. We want to say, sing and bang it out loud: Queer rights are human rights. We’re in this together.

The fight for equality in Poland is an ongoing battle, so the compilation has an open formula – whoever wants to contribute after the release, please contact us.

Big thanks to Berlin-based Uferlos Studios, especially Rey KM Domurat for their hard work mastering the whole material. We cannot express how important this work was for us!
releases August 17, 2019

compilation: Oramics
artwork: Avtomat Design
mastering: Rey KM Domurat / Uferlos Studio

Live shows in Russia – Fields Festival, Moscow and Bryansk

In August I’m visiting Russia for the first time to play some gigs in Moscow and Bryansk, as well as giving a talk/demo and hopefully some recording too. Details so far below, more to be added shortly.

6th –  demo/talk at Moscow Music School [info / fb]
7th – DJ set for NNW Radio, Powerhouse terrace (TBC)
8th –  live at Powerhouse [fb]
10th – live at Head Bar, Bryansk (more details to follow)
11th – Fields Festival at Mutabor, Moscow [website / fb]



New noise/drone release for Noise in Opposition

Released today, a split digital release with improvising group Lärmschutz.

My tracks are both made using live code program TidalCycles: each is an automated composition using some randomisation alongside various automated parameters. Each track just uses one sample, subject to various manipulations and methods of layering. Safety is more abrasive and frantic; Whisp is a drone which plays with harmonics.

The release is part 2 of the Joint Statement series by the Noise in Opposition label: “Noise In Opposition is dedicated to opposing fascism, misogyny, homophobia and other prejudice both within the noise andavant electronic music scenes and in the wider world. It is a record label, a multimedia project, a platform: whatever it needs to be. A labour of love and a matter of principle.”

Coincidentally it’s the second split release I’ve been part of with Lärmschutz, the first was a tape with my collab with Colin Webster from early 2019. Info/listen here.


Grey Sea Over A Cold Sky

‘Grey Sea Over A Cold Sky’ is a semi-structured collective improvisation by John Harries, for a large ensemble, eight or more cymbal players and high-pitched instruments, based on a pictorial score and some simple instructions.

This performance will be around four hours in duration, as part of the group show “Liminality (Temporal Impressions)” at Gallery 46, Whitechapel. Thursday 25th July, 18:00 to 22:00.

A previous version of the piece was released as part of a split cassette with Norwegian group Wenrda Hill For, on The Lumen Lake, in May 2019 – listen here.

I’ll be one of the cymbal players for the performance.


Workshops in London and Margate: Modified Records for Mechanical Techno

UPDATE: the Margate workshop has been cancelled due to unforseen circumstances. The Hackney Wick workshop will go ahead as planned.

Two opportunities to make some modified records and blast them through the Mechanical Techno machine, to make some beats, samples and synths into a new tune. You get a digital recording and get to keep the records too.

Sunday 21st July: Vinyl Pimp, Hackney Wick, London [email for tickets] – £20
Saturday 27th July: Joseph Wales Studios, Margate [tickets] –  £22.15

Full details follow:

Graham Dunning Mechanical Techno Workshop
Vinyl Pimp, 14 Felstead St, Hackney Wick, London E9 5LT
Sunday 21st July
Workshop: 16:00 – 18:00, followed by performance

Facebook event:

We are pleased to bring you a very special event with a local techno master. Graham Dunning will host a one off Mechanical Techno Workshop for 10 students.

If you would like to learn how to make a physical loop out of vinyl records, simply send a private message or Email VINYLPIMPLONDON@GMAIL.COM to reserve your space.

The class will roughly takes 2 hours and Graham will play a special 1 hour set afterward to finish things off.

Here is a quick outline of the class itself

– demonstration of the setup
– selecting records
– making three modified records:
1. Sampling record: adhesive vinyl covers parts of the playing surface so only snippets of samples of the original sound are heard. The patterns determine the rhythm of the playback samples.
2. Optical trigger record: patterns made of adhesive vinyl send a gate/clock signal to a synth, which plays acid basslines according to the rotating sequence. Each record can have several ‘tracks’ of sequences on it.
3. Mechanical trigger record: bolts drilled through the record are used to flick piezo triggers, creating synth drum patterns.
– Finally, put the three records together on the turntable, add FX and mix the track in a live dub.

— participants can:
keep the 3 records
keep an audio recording of their track (sent via email after the event)

Email VINYLPIMPLONDON@GMAIL.COM now to reserve your space.

Graham Dunning’s Mechanical Techno Workshop
Joseph Wales Studios, 2 Dane Hill, Margate, CT9 1QP
Saturday 27th July
Workshop 16:00-18:00; performance 19:00

[Event cancelled]


Learn how to make techno… But without a computer!

Modified old records are played on a specially adapted turntable. An optical sensor and contact mics are used to pick up sounds and make a beat.

Each unique composition will be recorded with a live mix down.

The workshop is part of Salon des Refusés 2019, an exhibition of artworks refused from the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.