Connected Devices: Debut performance at Supersonic Festival.

Connected Devices is a mechanical, modular music contraption by Sam Underwood and me. Designed as a two-player, semi-autonomous musical instrument, it plays unusual, sometimes erratic compositions drawing on drone music, minimalist repetition and barrel-organ-monkey techniques. Visually, the machine resembles a sprawling, partially robotic drum-kit, or pared-down, clunky fairground organ.

Throughout the performance, we act as conductors, engineers, organ grinders and musicians, working with and against the machine to complete the assemblage.

Our first performance with the contraption will take place on Saturday 23rd June at Supersonic Festival in Birmingham. You can buy tickets and find out more here.

We’ll also demonstrate some of the workings of the machine at a free event on the Friday of the festival, at Centrala also in Digbeth. Check the Supersonic website for updates.


Mechanical Techno at Festival ]interstice[, Caen, France

Mechanical Techno live set
Centre Chorégraphique National De Caen En Normandie
Halles aux Granges, 11-13 rue du Carel, 14054 Caen, France
Saturday 19th May, 19:00

Avec Le Bon Accueil Lieu D’arts Sonores (Rennes)

En puisant dans une variété de supports incluant cassettes, microsillons et objets électroniques modifiés, il compose de la musique dans une variété de styles, mais il est principalement connu pour ce qu’il baptise la « techno mécanique ». Cette technique implique de créer des morceaux par la combinaison de pistes musicales générées mécaniquement. Celles-ci résultent de l’empilement de disques vinyles sur une unique platine et de leur déclenchement par contact électrique d’instruments variés.

Graham Dunning est un artiste et musicien autodidacte. Son travail explore le son comme une texture, au sens figuré comme au sens propre en recyclant et détournant des objets sonores pour des expositions comme pour des performances. Il pratique une musique expérimentale, drôle, efficace, ludique, il montre des procédés qui ne sont régis par aucune restriction, tout est possible. Il nous déshabitue de quelques figures de style, il découpe, tord, malaxe le vinyle et ré-assemble et littéralement empile des disques qu’il joue simultanément.

Vivant et travaillant à Londres, Dunning est très prolifique en terme de collaborations, publications et performances. Il enseigne également l’art sonore expérimental au Mary Ward Centre.

Centre Chorégraphique National De Caen En Normandie (12)

Mechanical Techno at Maker Takeover, Cambridgeshire

Maker Takeover
Thursday, May 17, 2018
2:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Club Building
Alconbury Enterprise Campus, Alconbury Weald, Huntingdon, PE28 4WX

Maker Takeover is a day-into-evening event at the fabulous iMET centre at Alconbury Weald in Huntingdon.

This is perfect for SMEs, creative businesses, innovators, tech people, artists and those interested in finding out about leading-edge technologies. As well as talks and workshops, our Maker Fair will allow you to explore exciting and new virtual reality, augmented reality, smart cities data and artist innovation projects. Plus don’t miss the chance to take a tour of the (yet to be opened!) iMET centre, it’s services and facilities. We’re expecting a dynamic group of people from across arts, tech, innovation so this will be a great networking opportunity too.

Collusion events are informal, creative and aimed at showing off the region’s rich talent across art and technology. As dusk falls, we will entertain you to a series of creative digital performances never been seen in Huntingdon before.

Now, a bit about the people who’ll be showcasing their work and performing.

From 6pm onwards the Maker Takeover FACTORY space will showcase electronic music and audio visual performances form the following artists.

Graham Dunning performing Mechanical Techno:

LAICA showcasing his collaboration with Dunning on an experimental ambient piece created from field recording in an old Alconbury bunker.

Adrian ‘Uchujin’ Storey will show us some of his video work.

Miri Kat will perform under a new project called #nofeels, collaborating with Martin Dubka. Modular meets LiveCode!

Cambridge is on track to be the first city in the UK to have a ground-breaking autonomous shuttle service. Dan Clarke from Smart Cambridge, who have secured the multi-million grant, will join us at Maker Takeover to tell us more.

Build your own computer game controllers with Katy Marshall:

Among many others you can meet Airborne Platforms and their high end drones, talk to KEEP+ about grants and support for your business or Collusion about your arts practice.

Have a go on some of the many VR experiecnes on offer from Tin Fish creative, as well as 3D authoring in Gravity Sketch and… yes ok… BEAT SABER.

We’ll also have a Mash Machine and a HyperVSN hologram!

Are you a local maker or Huntingdon creative business? Want to get involved? Get in touch by emailing

Mechanical Techno live set for Splice Festival

Splice Festival is an audio visual performing arts festival based in London.
The 3rd edition takes place on 10th – 13th May 2018.

Founded in 2016, Splice has been designed to encourage the open exchange of ideas and information whilst producing and showcasing ground breaking performances from both emerging and established artists.

At its core the festival’s programme explores the overlapping fields of audio visual art and culture through a collection of live performances and projects including live cinema, AV remixing and VJing alongside other performative work that includes digital theatre, projection mapping, visual music, generative software, creative coding, experimental music and work that uses old and new technology in engaging ways.

Splice Festival Sunday
Stour Space, 7 Roach Rd, Hackney Wick, London E3 2PA 
17:30 – 00:00
£6.50 on the door

Graham Dunning
His ‘Mechanical Techno’ project is live electronic dance music created right before your eyes. As the mechanism holding everything spins, rattles and knocks while you watch, looking a little like a musical engineer building a musical robot, the project quite literally revolves around intense physical looping, layered records, triggered percussion, locked grooves and much much more, all held together on a single axle powered by a turntable!

Mixed media project Harmergeddon have been playing live since 2010, both in the UK and abroad, particularly in the sound art, ambient and improvised noise scenes. Their current live show blends sound, lighting and performance art in a feedback loop using photophonics (sound carried on light beams), electro-magnetic fields and consumer electronic junk, all formed on a basis of improvisation and psychedelia; the result verges on intense spectacle or even sensory overload. The duo are currently finishing work on their forthcoming AV release ‘Heat Lightning’ which will see a digital release and in true old school style, a limited ‘VHS with hand painted booklet’

Psyché Tropes + Howlround : SCREENING + LIVE SCORE

A Creak In Time is a 27-minute meditation on the ever-expanding fractal universe with recurring themes of transformation and altered perception, switching scale from microscopic topography to the vast distances of the cosmos. Presented in two parts, the first exploring the macro; the nature of physicality and formation on a celestial level, with the latter concerning the micro; the world unseen, thriving with lifeforms, continuously expanding and in complete symbiosis. The soundtrack by Howlround has been composed entirely of creaking objects and manipulated on magnetic tape machines.

An amazing selection including contributions from Matteø ZamagniMax Hattler (Relentless Melt), Robert SeidelThe Designers Republic, Iloobia and more…


20 years of “now”

‘now’ (all lower case letters) was founded in 1998 by songwriter Justin Paton with the aim to bring together adventurous multi-instrumentalists who are as much in love with old synthesisers and drum machines as they are with guitars, maracas and classical instruments.

To celebrate 20 years of existing, ‘now’ (Angela Last, George Chrysostomou & Justin Paton) will perform 2 different live sets at 8pm & 9:15pm with many previous band members:
Alex Maclean, Andy James, Ben Polhill, Chris Irish, Craig Tamlin, Cynthia Lucci, Fanny Bissa, Giles Narang, Graham Dunning, Lee Mackinnon, Nicole Nagel, Susi O’Neill & Vanessa Marlowe.

Twenty Years of ‘now’
New River Studios, 199 Eade Rd, Manor House, London N4 1DN
Saturday 12th May 2018, 19:30 to 00:00

Visuals by Terry Payman:
Aftershow DJ-ing by various now-folks.