Performance with Jerman • Barnes (London)

Jeph Jerman and Tim Barnes play Cafe Oto (London) on Tuesday 21st February. The duo make “powerful, minimal music rooted in a shared dedication to the creative act of listening.” I’ll join them on stage for part of their live set. Details/tickets from the venue here.

“Released by the Erstwhile label, Matterings – last year’s collaboration between sound artist Jeph Jerman and percussionist Tim Barnes – didn’t receive the critical attention it deserved… On the duo’s follow up album, Versatile Ambience, Jerman and Barnes continue to work in a familiar sonic territory – one similarly occupied by other contemporary tape music composers like Graham Lambkin – but do so with a level of taste and confidence that sets it above many other like-minded records.” – The WIRE


Mix for WebSyn Radio (France)

From 16th February you can hear a new mix of electronic music, drone, sound poetry, experimental piano works and a pinch of techno, which I made for the WebSyn Radio podcast series. Rendezvous at from 16 Feb to 3rd March to listen. Full tracklist below.

S. Araw “Trio” XI – Processional
Marlo Eggplant – Par
Howlround – A Startled City
Embla Quickbeam & Graham Dunning – Specific Heat
Noiseferatu – Radish Trinity
Eumig – 547838
Charlemagne Palestine – Strumming Music
Ingrid Plum – Semblance 1
Meredith Monk – View 1
Delphine Dora – Blinding Wrestling Touch
Mira Calix – Because To Why
Queef – Trunks and Sirens
Jaap Blonk – Schrorr Blorr Machine
Dromloch – IO
Conrad Schnitzler and Pharmakustic – Chromit
Graham Dunning & Leslie Deere – Physical Midi
J Daniel – The Way (The Reprisal) (The Outsider Mix)
Dirt & Space – Mount Hex


New ‘Aggregate’ live set, supporting HEXA for Upset The Rhythm

On Wednesday 15th February I’m playing a new live version of Aggregate, a recording I made for Broken20 in 2016 (you can listen to the track here). The track uses recordings made inside Balfron Tower, a brutalist towerblock in East London, along with synth drone and manually turned records.

I’m supporting HEXA, a project by Australian composer and artist Lawrence English and Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart exploring the physicality of sound and its abilities to infiltrate, abrade and occupy the body. Premiered at the David Lynch: Between Two Worlds retrospective at GOMA museum in Brisbane, Australia in April 2015, HEXA is a sonic response to Lynch’s Factory Photographs, a collection of images Lynch took of disused factories and the ruins of industry in the USA, Poland, Germany and the UK.

More info / tickets from:


Live electronics set with Dan Hayhurst (Sculpture) at Unconscious Archives (London)


Cafe OTO, 18-22 Ashwin St, Dalston, London E8 3DL

On UK shores for the first time, visual and sound artist Ross Manning is an illustrious figure in the Australian art world whose background in improvised music and noise has led him to create kinetic sound sculptures which function as automaton prose. In an exciting new collaboration the meeting of London based sound stalwarts Dan Hayhurst (Sculpture) and Graham Dunning promises an onslaught of deteriorated beats and hissing analogue machines. Expanded cinema and sound artist Sally Golding presents shifting hallucinogenic sonified light fields, and UK electronic music producer Spatial fills in the cracks providing noisy and dancey DJ delights.


Unconscious Archives (UA) is a live performance series foregrounding an artistic discourse examining the synergies and dissimilarities which define both live film and sound art. UA aims to generate a responsive curatorial platform for artist film works which are performative or expanded in nature, alongside sound works by sonic artists whose work encompasses visual or sculptural elements.


Obsolete Desire exhibition (London)

The term obsolete refers to something whose function has been improved on or superseded by a more functional version. Yet aspects of the obsolete object remain a source of fascination by those who admire it, see the beauty of it, find cultural significance in it or radicalise it.

11 Market Way, E14 6AH
15-28 December 2016
Private view 15th Dec, 6-9pm

Open daily 11-5pm except sundays and public holidays.
An exhibition of sound, painting, 3D, installation and drawing by artists:

Clare Mitten
Jon Purnell
Lisa McKendrick
Zoe Anspach
Graham Dunning
Mandy Hudson
Tim Drage

Clare Mitten makes numerous versions of a tech object which arouses her curiosity. She flips between two-dimensional and three-dimensional, between collages and painting. The result is a new object based on older versions of the same object which has gone through a process of change and influence.

Jon Purnell imitates expressionist style painting marks using digital software to create drawings of a wasteland of scenarios. His computer generated and deliberately anti-romantic line-work give the viewer the idea that it is the artists hand which is obsolete.

Lisa McKendrick finds images to work with amongst slide collections and home-made videos from the 1960’s – 1980’s. Here we find an undetailed glimpse of the road trip and different models of outdated automobiles as they occupy landscapes which are desert like and dystopian. In her paintings elements of figuration seem to be eaten up by abstraction as they form drips and clumps of paint which disappear off the canvas edge in all directions.

Zoe Anspach makes sculptures and collages which are photographed, unmade and remade. During this process new configurations emerge, are documented, disassembled and reintegrated. By incorporating her work as a graphic designer into her art practice she considers the visual language of news, media and advertising and how this is presented to us via design, packaging and logos.

Graham Dunning is known for his use of analogue and obsolete mechanisms to create music. Appreciating their inherently delicate and clumsy attributes he makes use of the accidents and unpredictability that are particular to them. He has created a sound piece using field recordings of brutalist building Balfron Tower during his residency in 2016.

Mandy Hudson provokes questions about our surroundings and the things we may not normally notice. She carefully prepares the surface of the canvas and adheres to formal issues such as lighting, shading and colour. Here we feel safe amongst the quiet marks which give us the satisfaction of observing the skill and craftsmanship of the painter. Yet she brings our attention to the contents of a skip or a congregation of door buzzers hinting that in a crowded city space has become obsolete.

Tim Drage is a sound and animation artist using a recursive application of effects in the 1989 software LightningPaint. He generates digital drawings of dense op-art pixel-scapes which he has published in a book consisting entirely of drawings reaching the outer edge of the paper on both sides. Recently he has been exploring similar approaches in video to create dizzying dives into infinite, fractal-like glitch patterns.

About the Curator: Lisa McKendrick has curated painting, installation and sound exhibitions including: Hey Days! At the Bermondsey Project (2014), Candy Mountains at Arbeit (2011), In an Age of Aeroplanes You May Fly at Servant Jazz Quarters (2010), A Point Between Two Destinations at Seven Seven Gallery (2003)


DunningWebsterUnderwood – New live album on tape, and launch gig

The Lumen Lake are releasing a split tape of performances at Cafe Oto by DunningWebsterUnderwood and Rutger Hauser earlier this year. DunningWebsterUnderwood is the trio in which I play turntables and dubplates, alongside Colin Webster on baritone sax and Sam Underwood on Tuba. Both groups also play a launch gig at Silver Road, Lewisham – a huge converted metal water tank. Plus, a new tape and special one-off performances by Ian Stonehouse.

Full details below, and the tapes will be on sale soon too.


[fb page]


The Lumen Lake presents a super special double tape launch event in a super special space, our first time ever at Silver Rd! We’re celebrating the release of a split live album thing featuring DunningWebsterUnderwood and Rutger Hauser, recorded at a somewhat riotous Cafe Oto gig back in May, and Ian Stonehouse’s extraordinary album ‘Voyage En Kaleidescope’, which has taken some 20 years to find its way up and out onto dry land (and onto cassette), blinking its reptilian eyes and shaking the mud from its webbed feet…

…Join us for:

Improvisation, drone, noise, baritone sax, tuba, turntable. Will sound just incredible in a big metal tank, and you know it’s true.

Drums, cello, playback, electronics. We might be a bit more acoustic than usual, not really sure. We’ll think of something.

Unique one-off performance of specially devised pieces. Again, we’ll think of something.

BOTH TAPES WILL BE ONSALE, probably at a special price even though they’re ridiculously cheap anyway. I’ll post some audio below soooon.

£6 entry, doors at 19:30.

Wrap up warm, it can get chilly in there! Oh, and note that for once this isn’t BYOB – there’s a lovely bar with lovely drinks there.


Mechanical Techno – Switzerland / Germany tour dates

I’m playing five shows with the Mechanical Techno set in Switzerland and the south of Germany this November, touring with Sascha Brosamer and Tapiwa Svosve.  Dates below, follow the links for more details on the facebook event pages.

22.11. ZÜRICH Gamut @ Blossom | Wasserwerkstrasse 13 [facebook]
23.11. ST. GEORGEN @ Global Forests | Bahnhofstrasse 8 [facebook]
24.11. BIEL @ Atelier Robert | Paul-Robert Weg 11 [facebook]
25.11. FREIBURG @ Bretterbude | Böcklerstrasse 5 [facebook]
26.11. GENEVA @ FESTIVAL AKOUPHÈNE [facebook] – more