Mammoth Beat Organ at Ideas of Noise festival, Coventry

On Friday 31st Janaury me and Sam Underwood will take the Mammoth Beat Organ to Coventry for a live set for Ideas of Noise. Full information below. Tickets and other event dates on the festival website.

Friday 31st January, 5pm  – 11pm
The Tin Music & Arts, Units 1-4, Coventry CV1 4LY

A festival-within-a-festival where music and art collide. Where the visual plays a fundamental part of the process and performance. Audiences are taken on a journey where the experience of listening and watching constantly shifts and is re-appraised.

Andrew Spackman curates a feast of audio-visual delights including:


Interdisciplinary theatre collective Waste Paper Opera premiere their new work Syrup Tracing: or, on the significance of rising and/or falling, inspired by Cyrano de Bergerac’s Voyage to the Moon (1657), one of the earliest science fiction novels ever written.

Two live shows in Finland

Friday 3rd January: Bar Ö, Turku [fb]
Monday 6th January: Tenho Restobar, Helsinki [fb]
Full info below.


Graham Dunning: Mechanical Techno, Bar Ö
Friday, 3 January 2020 from 19:00-21:00

Telmu ry esittää Bar Ö:ssä:
GRAHAM DUNNING (UK): Mechanical Techno Live
Vapaa pääsy
Showtime 20.00

Mechacnical Techno is a an audio visual performance using a record player as a sculptural sequencer.

Graham Dunning (UK) presents Mechanical Techno
@ Tenho Restobar, Jan 6th @ 20:00 / free entry

Mechacnical Techno is a an audio visual performance using a record player as a sculptural sequencer.

Release: Dunning & Brosamer – Glocken

Out now on Invisible City, a collaboration with Sascha Brosammer as tape and download. Made using gramophone, turntable, modified records, cast 78s, retextured disks by Lisa Schlenker, mobile devices using Grainfield by CoSiMa / IRCAM, synths and FX. All the tracks were recorded live between 9th and 17th June 2018 at Repetitive Movements exhibition, Salon Mondial, Basel, Switzerland.

Dunning and Brosamer get together to dig deep into the beauty of surface detail. Analogue medium analysed in microscopic detail. Detailed textural studies. Glorified decay.

abstract/ambient set for Ubuntu Women’s Shelter fundraiser, Glasgow

The Stochastic Method
CCA Glasgow
350 Sauchiehall Street, G2 3JD Glasgow
Monday, 16 December 2019 from 19:00-23:55

Join a charity event in support of Ubuntu Women Shelter Glasgow.

Current Scotland-based artists, musicians and researchers including Jenn Kirby, Leslie Deere, Iain Ross and Paul Michael Henry perform alongside NTS Radio’s Graham Dunning for this special December event in support of Ubuntu.

Expect audio visual performance, deconstructed beats, live coding, gestural sound and butoh dance.


Mechanical Techno & Live Coding set, Glasgow

Saturday 14th December, 7.30pm
The Old Hairdressers, Renfield Ln, Glasgow G2 5AR

Tickets £7 Adv, £10 on the door.

Graham Dunning makes live performances using both Mechanical Techno and live coding (with TidalCycles) together. Each of the systems runs independently and is synchronised by ear; effectively like a DJ set with two turntables, except one of them is a rotating mechanical sequencer and the other is a text-based sample sequencer. Graham runs a label and radio show called Fractal Meat that focuses on process and experiments, releasing a recent tape for Coatic Sequence.

Coatic Sequence is a collaborative sound and visual project by Manchester artists Darren Adcock and Tasha Whittle. The project was debuted in 2017 after a collaborative commission for Manchester Science Festival. The pair utilise a hand built modular synthesiser ‘Glen’ to amplify drawing and improvise visual and sonic compositions. Each mark made has a sonic effect, each sound produced affects the way the drawing is created.

The work with Glen is playful, physical, chaotic, indeterminable, inclusive, improvised and falls in line with abstract expressionism. There is an infinite amount of sounds that can be synthesised from Glen and subsequently there are infinite ways drawings can be produced. Both senses (sight and sound) and disciplines (sound and visual) come together in one body of work and the pair are interested in the grey area where they meet.

Shakeeb Abu Hamdan has been living and working in Beirut for the last few years, but before that he was in Leeds playing in the best bands of the early UK 2000s: Please and Cleckhuddersfax. Tonight Keeby will be playing improvised percussion, building textures and developing the new work he started on Residency at Ashkal Alwan in Beirut.

Human Heads are Hannah Ellul and Ben Knight. Facing the future, if the future is a crude drawing of a figure whispering into a clam shell phone. ‘They brush a demure fringe to one side and look you straight in the face…worship me like you worship the distant buttery sunlight of youth, it seems to say!’ Joe Murray, Radio Free Midwich

Mechanical Techno workshop, Edinburgh

Hack old records into a physical sequencer and create an inimitable techno track with artist Graham Dunning

About this Event

Workshop Details

Fri, 13 December 2019, 15:00 – 17:00 GMT

Custom House Leith
65-67 Commercial Street
Leith, Edinburgh

Tickets: £27.54 via eventbright.

Graham Dunning’s unique approach to music-making, which he describes as, ‘Mechanical Techno’ involves hacking old records, building a physical sequencer triggering modular synths.

Following a demonstration of the workings of the mechanical techno setup, participants will make three different types of modified record, each making rhythmical sounds in a different way. Live samples from second-hand vinyl; patterned disks that optically trigger a bass-synth; and pegged-out records for sequenced drum beats.

Finally, each set of three disks will be combined in the tower to create a playable machine-composition.

Participants take away a digital recording of their track and keep any records they’ve made (or ruined).

“If the trend in recent dance music has been to artfully engineer a certain wonkiness into an otherwise strict digital framework, Dunning has found the appeal of the precise reverse: struggling to maintain grid-like rigidity in a system inherently antagonistic to it.” – Wire Magazine, August 2015

Additional Info

You’ll need to bring three old records. Keep your eyes peeled and peek into charity shop windows where you can often find cheap ones. Any style of music/sound content on the record will work; classical, dance, spoken word etc. all produce interesting results. They must be 12-inch records though, so no singles or 45’s! Also, please don’t bring your prized first pressing Beatles cuts! The records themselves will get ruined!

We will however also have a selection of records at the Lab too so if you struggle to find any yourself we will have some going spare. The hacked records will be used as part of the system you’re going to build, but will also be visually pleasing souvenirs .

Ages: 16+

About the Tinderbox Lab

Tinderbox Lab is the new digital arm of the Tinderbox Collective; a shared-studio space bringing together artists across disciplines with an interest in digital media and interactive technologies. We do workshops, drop-in sessions, residencies and loads more!

Location: Tinderbox Lab is in Custom House. For access please come to the front steps/foyer of the building and ring the buzzer marked Tinderbox. Custom House also has level access which we can arrange

** If the price of the ticket is prohibitive and you would otherwise like to come, please get in touch with us (, and we can sort you out with a reserved place.b

Three different improvised music shows (Norwich/London)

I’m playing three times over the weekend, once in Norwich and twice in London. Full details below.

Saturday 7th, 12:00 noon: Pas De Deux – Laure Van Minden & Paul Levy
The Shoe Factory Social Club, Norwich
Playing a solo improvised set with turtnable and objects, responding to graphic scores by the exhibition artists.

Saturday 7th, 18:00: SOLID OBJECTS 2019: HYG Loudspeaker Fund Party.
Hundred Years Gallery, London
Trio with John Macedo (electronics) and Yoni Silver (bass clarinet).

Sunday 8th, 15:30: Babble & Squeak
The Horse Hospital, London
Improvising ensemble – tbc

Pas De Deux – Laure Van Minden & Paul Levy
7th December, 11am exhibition opens. Performances from noon.
The Shoe Factory Social Club
St. Mary’s Works, St. Mary’s Plain, Oak St, NR3 3AF Norwich, Norfolk

Laure Van Minden and Paul Levy present a series of drawings, paintings and projections created during participating in ‘The Plank’.

‘The Plank’ is a fortnightly accessible improv workshop facilitated by the Norfolk and Norwich Sonic Arts Collective. The sessions consist of part structured activities and part group improvisation.

Over the last 24 months Laure and Paul have created visual responses to the music and sound, often contributing sounds themselves through their drawing processes and equipment.

This show presents a unique insight into the development of the artist’s practice within the sessions, producing visceral documents from real-time visual responses and beautifully crafted artworks alike.

On Saturday evening we will be hosting a special Plink Plonk where musicians – including our own PLANKESTRA – will respond to the artists work, full details TBA.

SOLID OBJECTS 2019: HYG Loudspeaker Fund Party. Saturday 7th December 18:00–23:00

A party with live and recorded music for our musicians and supporters and their friends.

Hundred Years Gallery, Pearson Street, Hoxton, London
Doors 4pm | music 6pm | free

Live music:

Blanca Regina (
Emily Shapiro (
Graham Dunning (
John Macedo (
Martin Vishnick (
Yoni Silver (

Dead music for your disco dancing delight:

To make requests — generic or specific — email our mailing list (sign up at, leave a comment at our Facebook event page (, or if you know Matthew Brandi, bug him.

Babble& Squeak 4

Sunday from 15:30-19:30
The Horse Hospital
Colonnade, WC1N 1JD London, United Kingdom

An afternoon of improv and sound art from performers within Britain’s experimental and free music community. Revelation and cosmic elevation is not optional!

With: Christopher Hill, Phil Durrant, Graham Dunning, Eggblood, Martin Vishnick, Martin Clarke, Stephan Barrett, Sebastian Sterkowicz, Nick Branton, Kostas Chondros, Emmanuelle Waeckerle, John Eyles, Ed Shipsey, Adam Kinsey, Sam Enthoven, David O’Connor, Tarik Haskic, Andrew Ciccone, Dave Fowler, Sam Enthoven, Adam Kinsey, Alec Kronacker, Alan Newcombe, Matsui Keisuke, Tony James Morton, John Eyles, Sylvia Hallett, Bettina Schroeder…and others to be announced.