Mechanical Techno for No Bounds Festival, Sheffield

No Bounds Opening Concert:
Caterina Barbieri & Ruben Spini (live AV)
Jackie Wicks (live)
Lanark Artefax (live AV)
Lee Gamble (live AV)
Tessa Gordziejko & Kwah (live)
Graham Dunning (live)

Friday, 11 October 2019, 18:00-23:30
Kelham Island Museum
Alma Street, S3 8RY Sheffield

Our Opening Concert at Kelham Island Museum is an incredible introduction to the space and features key live performances from artists at the top of their game from the electronic world as well as poetry performances, live vocal performances and mechanical techno.



Anomalous Materials live set for Beta Public, Camden

I’ll present my project Anomalous Materials, in which I play music using the video game Half-Life but with all the sounds replaced with rave samples, at this event on Tuesday 8th October at Camden People’s Theatre.

Beta Public X
Tuesday 8th / Wednesday 9th October 2019
7pm – 10pm, £12/£10 (concession)
Camden People’s Theatre, 58-60 Hampstead Rd, Kings Cross, London NW1 2PY


BETA PUBLIC is about:
New videogames and performance.
Experimenting, collaborating, and sharing awesome stuff.
Having a bit of an adventure.

At BETA PUBLIC you can:
Play AMAZING GAMES and chat to their developers.
Sit in the bar with your friends and HAVE A DRINK.

Anyone curious about the cutting edge of play (like you).

(BETA PUBLIC is curated by Pat Ashe and Thomas Martin)


Chloe Mashiter – TBC
Jack Bradfield/Tom Martin – The Collection (a new game for audiences/play without actors.)


Graham Dunning – Anomalous Materials (a rave machine made out of Half-Life.)
Nat Norland – A Short Introduction to Game Theory (don’t worry it’s not a lecture.)
Jack Bradfield/Tom Martin – The Collection (a new game for audiences/play without actors.)

GAMES (both nights!)

Claire Carré – Already Been Chewed
Claire Kwong – Chromapose 
Oink Games- Void 
Sam Wong – Moments
Kalonica Quigley & Jason Bakker – Need 4e + 9 Speed 


About the company

Thomas Martin is an award-winning theatre director. Pat Ashe is a video game producer and curator.   

Since 2013 they have run Beta Public, London’s only night of theatre and video games, including curating for the V&A’s September Lates. | @beta_public | #BetaPublicX

New handmade recycled tape edition: 1947

Out now, an edition of 10 recycled cassettes each with a handmade collage sleeve, recorded on each side with a unique automated composition.

The recordings were made with automated systems which were left to run, each tape recorded in succession so that each is different to the last while containing sound from the same set of sources.

Side A uses turntables with modified records, automated mixing desk, flicked springs, analogue synth and effects units.

Side B uses the video game Half-Life but with all the sounds replaced with samples from rave tracks. A location within the game was selected for its collection of sounds and the player character left in.

This is the first one of these I’ve made in a while and it was fun to create some new, lo-fi automatic music. You can check out the other previous tapes in this series here:

Available on the bandcamp page, here.

Solo improv set at Arch 1, West Ham, London

I’ll play a set of drones, textures and scraping noises at this event on Tuesday. An excellent lineup of acoustic and electronic improvisers and musicians.

Wood / Rotten Bliss / MFU / Graham Dunning

Tuesday, 1 October 2019 from 18:50-22:30
Arch1, Unit 1, West Ham Arches, Cranberry Lane, London, E16 4BJ

An evening of avant-garde sounds with live performances by:
* GRAHAM DUNNING (at 7:15pm)
scraping / drones / crackle / noise / –
* M.F.U. (at 8:15pm)
awkward songs, admonished chords –
* ROTTEN BLISS (at 9pm)
violent/warm/coarse/ghostly cello & voice –
* WOOD (at 9:45pm)
all-acoustic free-improv ONsemble-collective –

£7 entry.on the door.

TUBE: West Ham / Canning Town.
DLR: Star Lane / West Ham / Canning Town.
TRAIN: West Ham.
BUS: 5, 8, 22, 25, 69, 86, 97, 104, 108, 115, 147, 158, 241, 257, 262, 276, 300, 308, 309, 330, 425, 473, 474, D8, N15, N550, N551, Z2.

Mechanical Techno & Live Code shows in France

Some exciting gigs this month in Lyon (25th) and Paris (26th) – live sets using Mechanical Techno and live code together, ranging from acid house to techno with bits of 2step and breakbeat rave.
Facebook pages here (Lyon) and here (Paris) .


HATCH #06 : Graham Dunning // Dilian // th4

Wednesday, 25 September 2019 from 20:30-01:00 UTC+02
Le Périscope, 13 rue Delandine, 69002 Lyon, France

HATCH et Le Périscope présentent :

🔹 Graham Dunning ▪ (Mechanical Techno Live – Londres)
Mechanical Techno, ce sont les engrenages d’une musique cousue main par Graham Dunning. Une techno à la dérive secouée de relents acid et de rythmes grésillants sous l’égide d’une installation hypnotique digne de Wayne Szalinski.

🔹 Dilian ▪ (Live – Brooklyn)
Affilié au collectif International Winners, Dilian place le ludisme au centre de son processus créatif. Piochant ça et là dans les impondérables des musiques électroniques, ses performances lives sont l’occasion de faire valser gabber, bubu music et mind club.

🔹 th4 ▪ (Live – Lyon)
New-comer de la scène live coding lyonnaise, th4 s’est déjà illustrée sur Euler Room, le média de référence des alumnis de Tidal. En plein brainstorming pour son prochain album, elle viendra nous présenter le fruit de ses recherches.

💫 💫 💫 INFOS 💫 💫 💫

⇨ 20h30-01h00 ⇦

⇨ Préventes : à venir

Le Périscope
⇨ 13 rue Delandine, 69002 Lyon ⇦

► Artwork : Luc d’Avions

Esp-B#2609 : Graham Dunning // Knappy Kaisernappy // Bugaled

Thursday, 26 September 2019 from 20:00-23:59 UTC+02
Espace B, 16 rue Barbanègre, 75019 Paris, France

💫 L’Espace B Présente 💫

🔸 Graham Dunning ▪ (Mechanical Techno Live – Londres)
Mechanical Techno, ce sont les engrenages d’une musique cousue main par Graham Dunning. Une techno à la dérive secouée de relents acid et de rythmes grésillants sous l’égide d’une installation hypnotique digne d’Emmett Brown.

🔸 Knappy kaisernappy / PI DOOM ▪ (Live – Odessa / Rennes)
Knappy kaisernappy et PI DOOM sont deux faces d’un même projet développé par Elsa Quintin, artiste touche-à-tout, illustratrice, enseignante, curatrice du projet Система, (Odessa/UA). Knappy Kaisernappy produit des intros/outros plutôt contemplatives, quand PI DOOM explore le pôtentiel de la vitesse et de l’extratone. L’empathie est au centre du projet, ou comment rendre supportable et même thérapeutique une musique qui dépasse les 1000BPM. La musique est fabriquée à partir de samples produits ou téléchargés, et à partir de sources jouées en live (le set up varie selon les dates).

🔸 Bugaled ▪ (Live – Paris)
Échappé de NONE nʌn et délivré de ses obligations en 3 x 8, BUGALED, aka Luther Ether, est un bipède apaisé. Tout de go en habit de soie, il délivrera un set protéiforme et syncrétique, faisant s’allier magnétisme fluide, scories concrètes haut-perchées (2 x phonie) et rythmes sixo6sés dans tous les sens qui font BENG !

★★★ INFOS ★★★

⇨ 20h00 – 00h00 ⇦

⇨ Préventes :

Espace B
⇨ 16 rue Barbanègre, Paris 19 ⇦

DJ set for Luke Lund album launch, Rye Wax Peckham

This Sunday 15th September I’ll play some tunes in support of Finnish producer Luke Lund, who’s launching his new album. The free event runs from 18:00 to 23:00 with me, Paragon and Darkfloor DJing and Luke Lund playing live.

I’ll be playing mostly vinyl oddities – forgotten house b-side remixes, 1991 breakbeat rave, 2step instrumentals – but also some brand new unusual electronic music, mostly from underground labels and DIY artists via bandcamp.

Sunday 15th September, 1800 – 2300
Rye Wax, 133 Rye Lane, SE154 London

FB event:

LUKE LUND (Finland) – LIVE
Luke Lund is on tour performing from the recently released and acclaimed “Lo Tech” LP out on the Mancunian record label Youth, and from “Hopium” LP forthcoming on Ohm Resistance. A nasty amalgamation of angular bass riddims, industrial grade clang and (ab)use of dub mixing techniques.

Lund is a self-taught producer, graphic designer and label head (Terranean Recordings / Luke Lund, Birthdeath, Barely Here) from Finland. For the past 11 years he’s been recording multi-genre works revolving around aural extremes, with a scrutiny of timbre and texture – primarily through improvisation. He works with a vast repertoire anywhere from offbeat club tracks or field recordings to musique concrète or knuckle-dragging rock. Recent years have seen a shift towards shaping sound art by experimental methods of capturing and processing sound.

Artist, musician and producer using turntables and electronics across experimental music, techno and improv. Most well known for the “Mechanical Techno” live set, also plays in various other collaborations, DJs, and presents an NTS Radio show.

Host and producer of the long running Mantis Radio and the dominant force behind the acclaimed Darkfloor Sound.

Paragon has been honing his craft since his debut track ‘Heirship’ was released in 2012, and since then his trademark productions have gained support from some of the key players and labels in the drum & bass scene. Currently serving as a resident for Tech Itch Recordings label nights and esteemed London station Rude FM, catch him playing a selection of his own material across the 170 BPM spectrum.

Free entry!