Mechanical Techno London gig

My first London show in a while is on Friday 19th April for Audio Visual Night #3 at New River Studios.  I’ll have some copies of the new album to sell on the night.

Full info below, facebook event page here.
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Audio Visual Night #3

Friday 19th April, 19:30-01:00

New River Studios
199 Eade Road, N4 1DN London, United Kingdom

Adrena Adrena
Kireme: Noriko Okaku + Akihide Monna
Graham Dunning Mechanical Techno Set
Patent Saints + Tomas Jef visuals

Sound and visual installation by Karel Doing, featuring music by Steve Beresford, Blanca Regina, Jack Goldstein and SYD KEMP
Experimental tarot card reading booth by Noriko Okaku

Capitol K

£6 Advance
£10 Door

Music For Climbing Walls album launch party

To celebrate release day for the new album, myself, Lia Mice and Dan Hayhurst will play some dancing-records at Stour Space, Hackney Wick on Friday 12th April. It’ll also be the first opportunity to get a copy of the album in London.

Graham Dunning | Music For Climbing Walls launch party

Friday, 12 April 2019 from 21:00-02:00
Stour Space
7 Roach Road, E3 2PA London, United Kingdom


LTR Records celebrates the release of Music For Climbing Walls, the new album by Graham Dunning, with a launch party at Stour Space in Hackney Wick on Friday 12 April. Entry is free, DJ sets from Lia Mice, Dan Hayhurst and Graham Dunning.

Lia Mice

Dan Hayhurst

Graham Dunning

I’ll play mostly vinyl and much of it rescued from bargain bins and charity shops. You can listen to a recent episode of my radio show It’s a Mixed Bag to hear the kind of thing.


Kinetic Sound Night, Lunar Festival, Mechelen (Belgium)

Lunar Kinetic Sound Night w/ Slumberland, Graham Dunning

6th April 2019, kunstencentrum nona
Begijnenstraat 19, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium

Graham Dunning
Tuning Things – TUNING PEOPLE
Maika Garnica & Senne Claes


Het eerste volwaardige LUNAR-festival bij kunstencentrum nona staat in het teken van mechanische muziek. Electronics back to basics: geluid is beweging en beweging is geluid. Denk aan zelfgebouwde instrumenten, aan alledaagse gebruiksvoorwerpen annex klankinstallaties en aan keramische kunstwerken. Die spelen op deze Kinetic Sound Night samen met de muzikant de hoofdrol. Het ritme van een naaimachine en het timbre van een afvoerbuis gaan op deze avond hand in hand met live drummers en analoge synthesizers. Hopen maar dat u uit dit perpetuum mobile weet te raken.

Slumber­land omarmt het experi­ment. De band onder leiding van geluids­kun­ste­naar Jochem Baelus zet een arsenaal aan zelfge­maakte mechani­sche instru­menten en twee drummers in. Hij ontketent een hypnotisch krautrock- en post-punkge­luid. Echo’s van vervormde exotica, lang verloren soundtracks en boozy rock-’n-rollgroot­heden vormen mee de onmisken­bare sound van Slumber­land

Graham Dunning
Deze allround­kun­ste­naar slash autodi­dact verkent in zijn livewerk geluid als textuur. Vanuit zijn slaapkamer recyclet Dunning gevonden voorwerpen en creëert zo tactiele klankkleuren. Hij mijdt daarbij allerminst beeldend werk, video en instal­la­ties. Bij Graham Dunning staat experi­men­teren ook centraal. Hij houdt van analoge processen en heeft daarom helemaal zijn plaats op deze Kinetic Sound Night.

Tuning Things
Klankkun­ste­naar Wannes Deneer blikt graag terug én vooruit. Met Tuning Things dook hij in het archief van geluids­op­names, video’s, partituren en klankin­stal­la­ties van Tuning People tussen 2005 en 2018. Daarbij stootte hij op een arsenaal aan zelfge­bouwde en verbouwde instru­menten, video’s, opgete­kende klankideeën, fysiek gemani­pu­leerde klanken en digitaal ingezoomde geluiden. Live roept hij Deneer samen met Alfredo Bravo en Frederik Meulyser de sfeer van de gelijk­na­mige cd op.

Maika Garnica & Senne Claes
Dit is een duo dat op gezette tijden artistiek expres­sief of muzikaal perfor­ma­tief durft samenwerken. Maika Garnica en Senne Claes houden ervan om elektro­ni­sche klanken fijntjes te kruiden met akoesti­sche zelfge­maakte instru­menten, audiovi­suele instal­la­ties en een snuifje improvi­satie.

New album: Music for Climbing Walls

Available on vinyl and download from 12th April, Music For Climbing Walls is an album of mechanical techno tracks recorded at PRAH studios in Margate. Acid squelch, slippery rhythms, rough textures and smooth protrusions. Listen to first track Void Worm, below, with an excellent video by Ian Watson.

The LP comes in a special ‘tip on’ sleeve: gloss covered thick card, with some of my collages on the front and back. Reuben Sutherland designed an instruction booklet inlay and the layout and labels.

Order direct from the label, LTR Records, for the best price. Or buy off me in person at gigs.

You can also get three tracks for free by picking up a download postcard from selected climbing walls – I’ll publish a list as they become available.


Imperfections: Mistakes, Cracks, Noise Today – live set in Amsterdam

The Sublime Imperfections research collective (Amsterdam) devotes a round table + performance event to aesthetics & discourses of imperfection, mistakes, glitches and noise, repair and distortions. The event is part of a conference that address cravings for imperfection in design, music, art, writing, psychology, and genetics.

Date 12 March 2019
Time 18:00 – 23:00



Featuring Mieke Bal, Graham Dunning, Linor Goralik, Patricia Pisters, Ellen Rutten, Yuriko Saito, DJ Trish Trash.

12 March, 2019, 18:00-23:00, Sexyland, Ms. Van Riemdijksweg 39, Amsterdam. Entrance is free but space is limited; register via sublimeimperfectionsassistent at gmail dot com. For updates follow our Facebook event.

In recent decades, the trend to present imperfections as a plus rather than a problem has resonated across a scala of social disciplines and a range of world localities. Designers respond to hi-tech perfection with a love for wonky forms. Psychologists tell us to embrace imperfection in a mediatized age. Artists and musicians toy with electronic glitches and cracks. Philosophers and biologists plea against perfection in genetic engineering.

The Sublime Imperfections research collective (Amsterdam) devotes a round table + performance event to these and analogous discourses & aesthetics of mistakes, cracks, and noise today.

At the round table (18:00-20:00), leading thinkers and practitioners of the imperfect interrogate the contemporary craving for cracks, mistakes, and noise. When & why do artists, writers, filmmakers, and designers hail mistakes? Why do shabby chic and urban-ruin cults so easily lead to elitism or poverty porn? What does repair mean in times of love for the non-polished? And is a politics of imperfection and failure an answer to the Trumputin era?

Speakers: Mieke Bal (Amsterdam) – prizewinning cultural theorist, video artist, ASCA-founder!, and author of ao Thinking in Film (Bloomsbury 2013); Linor Goralik (Tel Aviv/Moscow) – designer, fashion scholar, poet and author of Found Life (Columbia UP 2017); Yuriko Saito (Rhode Island) – professor of philosophy, author of Everyday Aesthetics (Oxford UP 2008); Joanna van der Zanden (Amsterdam) – curator, initiator of ao the Repair Manifesto. Moderators: Patricia Pisters (Amsterdam) – professor of media studies, author of ao The Neuro Image (Stanford UP); Ellen Rutten (Amsterdam) – professor of literature, initiator of the Sublime Imperfections project.

The performance program (20:00-23:00) unites performers/DJs with a predilection for cracks, noise, and trash. DJ Trish Trash (Amsterdam) creates music & autonomous work inspired by vintage magazines, graphical and architectural shapes. Graham Dunning (London) works with array of turntables, contraptions, smashed vinyl, recycled objects. Combined his performances – which recently staged in Berlin, Oxford, London, Madrid – draw on rhythm and repetition, experimentation and improvisation. Glice (Amsterdam) – Melle Kromhout & Ruben Braeken – produces dark noise improvisations fused with post-industrial & post-classical sound structures. Curated by Caleb Kelly (Sydney) – media theorist, curator, author of  Cracked Media (MIT).

‘For Bal research is pure marvel, a creative form of thinking where science becomes art’ Metropolis M

‘Windswept and expansive in its bruised intimacy’ Wire Magazine on Graham Dunning

Guests are also welcome at the Imperfections conference of which the event is a part, and which unites 17 imperfection experts and practitioners in cultural and critical analysis, history, literary studies, marketing, design, philosophy, music, art, linguistics, and area studies. The meeting, which brings together specialists from Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the United States, and New Zealand marks the conclusion of the NWO research project Sublime ImperfectionsClick here for a program and registration details.

This event is supported by the Netherlands Scientific Organization, the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, and the Amsterdam Center for Globalisation Studies.

Register via (for ‘round table,’ ‘performances,’ or ‘both’).

Sumberge Festival (Bristol) – Talk and live set

Submerge: Bristol International Digital Arts Festival takes place 1st – 10th March 2019 featuring diverse artists and musicians working at the edges of digital arts, electronic music and live performance.

Friday 8th march I’m doing a lunchtime talk at Pervasive Media Studios, showing my mechanical techno setup and some of the tech and ideas behind it. Full info here:

Saturday 9th March I’ll play a live show at Loco Klub alongside Rian Treynor, AJA and Nguyễn + Transitory. Full info here:

Photo by James Mulkeen

Modified record workshop for Estorick Gallery, London

Adult Art Class: Mechanical Techno

5 March 2019 / 18:30 – 20:30 / Estorick Collection
39A Canonbury Square, London N1 2AN

Join artist and musician Graham Dunning to learn different techniques to modify three vinyl records to create a mechanical techno composition. Learn about live sampling from records; optical trigger pattern disks and rotating physical sequencer to explore rhythm as pattern and fractions as beats. Finally, each set of three disks will be combined in the tower to create a playable machine-composition. You will get to keep the records you make along with a recording of your live composition.

This class is suitable for all levels of experience.

About the artist
Graham Dunning is a self-taught artist and musician. His live work explores sound as texture, timbre and something tactile, drawing on bedroom production, tinkering and recycling found objects. Much of the work evolves through experimentation with different processes: considering the methods by which sounds become music; process as a continuum encompassing both improvisational and procedural methods; and testing analogous processes across different media. Graham has performed solo and in ensembles across the UK, Europe and Canada, and exhibited in the UK, Europe, New Zealand and USA.


Documentation from the previous workshop at the gallery here: