Catalogue of Record Collections


A slideshow video of photos of people’s record collections, taken by themselves. Made for the exhibition Museum of Peripheral Collections, Bon Acuiel, Rennes, France, September 2017.

The video will be periodically updated with new images. If you would like to contribute, please see the instructions below.

Call for contributions for a video about collecting records.

1. Take a photo of your record collection on your phone or digital camera (landscape orientation only).

2. Email me the photo and your name to:

3. That’s it.

Your photo will be added to the video for use in a forthcoming exhibition.
Your name will be included on the credits of the video and online.
In exchange I’ll send you a digital copy of my next album.

September 2017 contributors:

@boxwalla, AcidTed blog, Aidan Hanratty, Ain Bailey, Akāshamitra, Al English, Alan Gubby, Alberto Rosso, Aleks Timerick, Alex Botten, Alexandra Hiller, Allon Kaye, Andrew Page, Anke Eck, Anthony Chalmers, Ben Waddington, Benjamin Young, C. Reider, Calum Neill, Cath Aubergine, Cath Roberts & Tom Ward, Catherine Backhouse, Chris Bounds, Chris Whitehead, Conny Prantera, Craig Hamilton, Dan Pope, Daniel Gregory, Daniel Holley, Darren J Ray, David Fleet, David McLean, Doug Haywood, Edmund Coleman, Edward Wilson-Stephens, Eleanor Roberts, Elodie Salaun, Emily Bick & Travis Elborough, Gareth Owen, Gareth Radford, Geoff Reader, George Chrysostomou, Graham Dunning, Gwen Guthrie-Jones, Helen Kirwan, Ian Stonehouse, Ilia Rogatchevski & Laura Michelle Smith, J K Brook, Jake Whittaker, Jeff and Stuart Parish, Jemma Cullen, Jez Stevens & Linda Spence aka Ms Mono, JJ Wyatt, Joel Knight, John Doran, John Macedo, John Scott, Johnny Phethean, Jonathan Dore, Justin Allart, Justin Paton, Karl M V Waugh, Kate Themen, Kevin Bednar, Kevin Logan, Kevin Palmer, Kim & Chris Rueger, Kristiano Thornino, Lawrence English, Lee Farley, Lisa McKendrick, Liz Helman, Lucian Mannetto, Lyndon Pike, Makz Stanley, Martin Vernier, Matt Baker, Matt Davies, Matthew Chapman, Matthew Lee Knowles, Maxim Misirlizade, Michelle edwards, Mike Bourne, Mike Holland, Nathan and Fae Greywater, Noel Shanagher, Oliver Baggott, Paul Khimasia Morgan, Paul Nataraj, Peter May-Driver, Phil Julian, Phil Maguire, Phil Torpey, Philip Cornett, Pil & Galia Kollectiv , Rebecca Garnham, Rhodri Davies, Richard Dunning, Richard Mayston, Rob Blazey, Robin The Fog, Roderick Ganiard, Rowan Forestier-Walker, Ryan Gilbert, Sam Mercer, Sascha Brosamer, Sharen Woodward, Sharon Gal, Simon Minter, Simon Proffitt, Spencer Graham, Stephan Work, Stephen Ives, Stephen Scott, Stephen Shiell, Steve Fox, Steve Gray, Stuart Tait, Tom Berry, Tom Lloyd, Will Brewer.

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