Colin Webster & Graham Dunning – Estigate


Turntable and saxophone improvisations recorded in a storage unit in South London in 2012-13.

Limited edition, numbered CDR in special carrying case. Contains hand-stamped CD, excavated shellac fragments and laminated map in sealable plastic evidence bag. Edition of 50.

Linear Obsessional Recordings are excited to present this extraordinary duo- featuring textural recordings of extended technique saxophone and turntable with specially recorded dub-plates. “Estigate” is a thrillingly original recording….

In the duo of Colin Webster and Graham Dunning, Colin improvises exploring a strict palette of minimal saxophone sounds, with an emphasis on breath and mechanical noises over “pure/natural” notes. No effects or external processing are applied to the saxophone sound. The aim is to produce sounds that could be interpreted the listener as synthetic or electronic in nature. Graham uses cheap DJ turntables and dubplates of his own field recordings, avoiding scratch DJ techniques in favour of a palette of noise, hum, crackle, drone and scraping sounds. In parts he also plays the platter itself, the case and lid, and employs brushes, dentistry tools and pencils in sound making.