Colin Webster & Graham Dunning / Lärmschutz – Faux Amis Vol.1

A set of saxophone and snare drum improvisations for a split cassette with the band Lärmschutz.

“Every month in 2019, Lärmschutz invites a fellow like-minded artist for a split release on Faux Amis records.

“This january, Colin Webster and Graham Dunning made three fantastic fully acoustic tracks using their instruments to full sonic potential. Dense, staccato bursts with the two musicians fully in sync with one another.

“For side B, Lärmschutz plays with a similar conceptual approach: minimal instrumentation, no loud walls of feedback this time, but more like a grainy atmosphere with bronze strings and brass and analog wires entangled, christmas lights-style.”


released January 9, 2019

Side A
Graham Dunning – snare drum / objects
Colin Webster – alto & baritone saxes
Recorded at Soundsavers Studios, London, by Alex Clegg
Mixed and mastered by Marlon Wolternik

Side B
Rutger van Driel – trombone, electonics
Stef Brans: Prepared & unprepared guitar
Thanos Fotiadis – synths & electronics
Mixed and mastered by Rutger van Driel


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