Colin Webster & Graham Dunning – Oval

Studio album recorded with saxophonist Colin Webster. Released by Tombed Visions in July 2016.

“Of the many collaborators Colin Webster has forged lasting relationships with, his work with visionary turntablist and sound artist Graham Dunning is arguably the most considered. Improvisation is of course still a key component of how they’ve arrived at their sound, but the music they create has consistently side stepped any preconceived notion of how their music behaves and how they react to one another in this context. Rather than duel of two titan musicians, Colin and Graham’s collaborative work is very much a blurring of their individual sounds, focusing on the similarities between textures and sonics to create something unified and by the very nature of their sound sources, original.

“Oval is a very minimal record and its deep listening properties are what instantly attracted me to releasing it. The moment the recording begins, you a hushed into an attentive and curious silence, ready to focus on the unraveling journey of sound. Oval’s power comes from its subtlety. Colin and Graham could have easily and successfully have hemorrhaged a free-wheeling and brain obliterating recording, but instinctively chose to mine a more detailed and focused palette of sonics, resulting in a far more rewarding listen. It is that instinctiveness that speaks volumes of the power of their on-going collaborative work.”

David McLean, Tombed Visions

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