Dunning Webster Underwood – Viol of Acetate

A split album between DunningWebsterUnderwood and Rutger Hauser, released on The Lumen Lake. Both sides are recordings from our joint gig at Cafe Oto in May 2016.

In May of 2016, DunningWebsterUnderwood and Rutger Hauser shared a bill at Cafe Oto, for a night hosted by legendary London independent label Adaadat (home to both bands’ debut albums). This split cassette documents that night, and shows both bands at their imaginative, intuitive best.

DunningWebsterUnderwood are an improvising trio employing turntable (Graham Dunning), baritone sax (Colin Webster) and tuba (Sam Underwood) to make a unique music drawing on free improvisation, drone metal, jazz and noise.

Vital Weekly on Bleed: “In these forty-four minutes/eleven pieces this trio moves back and forth between loud/quiet, hectic/sparse, low/high, traditional/new and all of these contradictions in approaching their instruments, listening closely to what the others are doing here, adding, subtracting and responding. A wonderfully rich release of improvised music, in which a lot of ground is covered.”

Rutger Hauser are a two/three/four/five/six piece band (depending on the night) combining conventional instrumentation (drums, bass, guitar, cello) with playback media (turntables, cassette walkmans, minidisc players) and home-made electronics, and playing improvised experimental rock music.

The Sound Projector on Rutger Hauser: “An incredibly lively and chaotic stream of music and noise, and they do it by using some prepared structures or by just freely improvising. In fact the whole CD was laid down in the studio live with no overdubs, which is impressive considering how confident many of these performances sound; a lot of their best experiments are just “right” in the way they land.”

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