Permanent Location Archive One

helvellynframedSQ.jpg8 Arcola

A series of eight lo-fi field recordings and eight analogue photographs from each address I’ve called my permanent home: Made at a time in my life when everything felt a bit unsettled, uncertain, as a way of trying to introduce some stability.

I visited each place I have ever called my permanent home. At each location I walked the length of the street and timed myself doing so. This gave each track’s duration. I then took a photograph of the house in which I had lived, from the opposite side of the street, and took a field recording of the appropriate duration.

Back at the studio I traced the shape of each street from a map and made the lines cross at the point on the street I had lived: this is the diagram on the front cover of the release. I got the film developed then scanned in each photo. I mixed down each field recording to a second hand tape then back into a digital format. The photos and tracks are labelled only by street name. I also framed each photo with an overlay of the diagram on tracing paper.


The project was commissioned by RHP CDRs, and released by the same label as a limited edition CDR and booklet package. Full details here: