Previously Unreleased Mixtape 1995-2016

An infinite number of cassettes, each duplicated from the one before it. As such the quality is reduced with each iteration. The black & white photocopied covers are duplicated following the same process, from an original collage of old tape covers.
All music is exclusive to this tape and will not be released elsewhere.
There is no digital version of this release.

Luton schoolgates field recording, 2011
4 track drone for sidechain, 30.10.2013
Mechanical techno demonstration at Fort Process, 3.9.2016
Tape Sampling, 7.8.2012
Analog Nasty, ~2005
Live in Leitrim, Ireland 13.08.2016
Field recording for Mysterium performance, Jan 2013
Synth Delays (Stereo) (Quiet) – ~June 2012
Interview for Canadian TV show, November 2015
Analogg – Tesselating Circles, ~2002
Just Hiss // Hum 4tr, ~Nov 2012
Untitled HL re-sounding test, 28.9.2016
Unknown Analogg acid edit, ~2007
Drums + dub effects, ~2009

4track messing, 2.8.2008
Flurries of Rhetoric – Highest Niselike, 2001
Hackney Wick dérive, 11.5.2013
Tape Sampling 2 Noise 6, Aug 2012
Tank Rhythem (full length version), 20.7.2016
Live at noise=noise, tape bootleg, May 2016
All Inclusive ~1995

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