Composition for Arell recordings using a photograph as inspiration for the work. I used record players, spring reverbs and effects, mixing down the track live.

Limited edition black and white post card featuring an exclusive photograph which inspired the artist’s music.
This purchase includes the 15’17” digital download of ‘Wrought’ by Graham Dunning (which will be made available via a download code on the postcard, download here: arell.bandcamp.com/yum).

In a slight move away from Graham Dunning’s recent mechanical techno, Wrought is a new work utilising a slightly altered set up.
Recorded live without overdubs or edits, the album uses spring reverbs, analogue delay, dubplates, turntable with extra tone arm and mixing desk.

“Emphasising the texture and rhythms present in the record crackle, using the image as an effective score rather than a direct graphic score.
In part working with the record player as a machine – allowing it to play and sculpting the output, rather than manipulating it directly, physically.
Conversely with the spring reverbs I used them as tone generators, changing note and reverb amount by physically handling the coils.
The idea of extracting a live dub from mechanical devices, the ghost in the machine.”
Graham Dunning, 2016
released September 30, 2016

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