Wire Magazine, December 2016
Mention in We Are The Music Makers article on instrument builders. scan
Auxon in 2016 Electronica top 10. scan
Colin Webster / Graham Dunning – Oval in Outer Limits top 10. scan

Wire Magazine, October 2016
Review of Embla Quickbeam & Graham Dunning – Inside Memory’s Head
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Wire Magazine, July 2016
Review of three cassette releases.

Neural Magazine, Summer 2015
Interview about my practice covering various different projects.
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Wire Magazine, August 2015
Review of Ghost in the Machine music, an event I curated and performed at.

Future Music, August 2015
Section in an article about piezo drum triggers.

Wire Magazine, October 2014
Review of my course Experimental Sound Art.

Art Monthly, July 2013
Review of my solo performance and playing with AAS at the event Circle of Fifths.

Hiss Heads 1, 2010
Interview with Florian Fusco for his fanzine about bedroom producers.
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Mon Oeil, June 2017
saison 2 épisode 16 : Obsolète de Graham Dunning

Tracks ARTE, October 2016
Steam Music


Stamp The Wax, June 2018
Beyond Vinyl vs Digital: Innovation and Rule-breaking in the Booth

The Problem With Laptops: Forrest & Dunning Interviewed

Loose Lips
Dismantle Yourself @ Somerset House – 15/04/17: Event Review

Peter Prong: Raw Tonk Festival, March 2017
Review of duo with Dirk Serries, De Singer, BE

Noise Admiration, March 2017
Review of Dirt & Space – Ten Million Ways To Die

Spools Out, The Quietus, October 2016
Review of Embla Quickbeam & Graham Dunning – Inside Memory’s Head

Ransom Note, September 2016
Grey Goo: Graham Dunning Talks

Inverted Audio, June 2016
Review: Graham Dunning, Auxon

ATTN Magazine, June 2016
Interview: Graham Dunning

Backseat Mafia, March 2016
Meet: Graham Dunning

Electronic Beats, March 2016
Conversation with Maria Chavez

The Attic, February 2016
Graham Dunning – Mechanical Techno Wizardry

The Jazz Mann, January 2016
Review: DunningWebsterUnderwood – Bleed

We Need No Swords, January 2016
Stuart Chalmers / Graham Dunning: Home Taping

Heise Online, November 2015
Mechanical Techno: Gehackter Plattenspieler als Multi-Instrumentalist

Cool Hunting, November 2015
Interview: Graham Dunning and the Mechanical Techno Turntable Machine

Endgadget, November 2015
Oddball machine makes ‘analog’ techno music with vinyl records

The Kids Should See This, November 2015
Multilayered, mechanized music-making by Graham Dunning

Create Digital Music, November 2015
Watch techno made entirely with physical, mechanical objects

RazMataz Magazine, November 2015
DunningWebsterUnderwood tries something completely different with Bleed

Freq, October 2015
Review of Ghost in the Machine Music event

Dalston Sound, September 2015
Review: DunningWebsterUnderwood – Bleed

ATTN Magazine, September 2015
Review: DunningWebsterUnderwood – Bleed

No Fear of Pop, July 2015
Review of mechanical techno track, “Retort”

FACT Magazine, April 2015
The Mechanical Techno of Graham Dunning

eContact! March 2015
Experimental Practices and Subversion in Sound
An article I wrote about some of my projects.

Future Library, June 2014
Podcast Episode 47: Colin Webster and Graham Dunning
Me and Colin chatting to Alex and his cats, and also playing a short live set.

Create Digital Music, May 2014
Watch Mechanical Techno, Dance Music Made Organic, Physical by Graham Dunning

Avant Music News, April 2014
AMN Reviews: Colin Webster and Graham Dunning – Estigate

Ears For Eyes, February 2014
Review: Colin Webster and Graham Dunning – Estigate (Linear Obsessional)

ATTN Magazine, March 2012
Exhibition: Graham Dunning – For Posterity @ Soundfjord, 15/03/12 – 21/04/12

Manchester Music, January 2010
Railing Against the Mainstream (live review)

Manchester Music, July 2009
Whalesong Through a Pitchshifter (Blood Moon live review)

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