Improv trio with Kate Armitage and Flöriän Füscö (Berlin)

Lo-fi DIY improvised music 
Kate Armitage  – guitar / vocals –
Flöriän Füscö – homemade electronics –
Graham Dunning – expanded turntable –
The three artists met in Manchester several years ago and since went their separate ways. This is their first time playing as a trio.
Hungriger Geist, Pannierstraße 40, Neukölln, Berlin
Saturday 13th December 2014
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DunningWebsterUnderwood debut live set – turntable, baritone sax, tuba trio (London)


On Tuesday 2nd December I’m playing turntable and electronics an improv/doom/noise set with Sam Underwood on tuba and Colin Webster on baritone sax. We’re supporting Dead Neanderthals touring their new harsh free jazz album Prime.

Full details here.
Facebook event here.

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“Deconstructive Dance Music” – live set for DREAM MACHINE (London)



4 Legs Good, MKII, ZamZamRec, Apiary present…


30th November 2014, 5pm – 11pm, Apiary Studios, Hackney Road, London

+Live Acts+

H.U.M. (UK / FR / IT) 9pm
Graham Dunning (UK) 8pm
Sonic Rituals (UK) 7pm
Prolonged Version (UK) 6pm
Cementimental (UK) 5pm

+ Wildrfid DJs (Swiss)


Dream Machine Workshop (6 – 9pm In between performances)
Tarot Readings (30 min/1 hour booking available between 2pm-9pm)
Cymagic (6 – 9pm in between performances)


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Graham Dunning & Gary Fisher: Ritual In Parallel For Objects And Electronics – at SOUNDINGS No.1 (London)


‘Soundings, No. 1′, Power Lunches, Thursday 6th November 2014

‘Soundings’ is a series of concerts exploring the boundaries between new music, sound art and computer music.

Graham Dunning & Gary Fisher: Ritual In Parallel For Objects And
Graham Dunning & Gary Fisher are sound artists and improvising musicians who individually explore process, investigation and experimentation in their work. The duo have performed together a only handful of times despite their close, ten year association. This new collaboration is a ritual in parallel exploring similarities in
practice and differences in approach.

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Turntable/Saxophone duo with Colin Webster for CRAM (London)

cram logo 2

CRAM at Hundred Years Gallery – 26/10/2014, 3pm
Doors 3pm // Music 3.30pm //Entrance £5+ (suggested donation)

CRAM is thrilled to have it’s next outing at the pioneering Hundred Years Gallery.

The 26th of October will feature a concert spread over the late afternoon and into the autumnal evening. It will be comprised of three fabulous duos made up of some of the most exciting players on the London scene.

Daniel Thompson (guitar) +Steve Noble (percussion)
Lawrence Upton (voice/spoken word) +Benedict Taylor (viola)
Colin Webster (reeds) + Graham Dunning (turntables)
Live Recording – Ed Lucas

With the space, art, bar, coffee, food and people this venue is a super place for catching a relaxed afternoon gig. There will be records on sale from CRAM Records alongside the artists individual merchandise. Bring a good sized bag to collect some cd gems!


CRAM is music collective & independent record label, formed in 2011. It is dedicated to the production, promotion and development of improvised and new music. It was founded and is directed by Benedict Taylor and is made up of a group of musicians/artists, all of whom are at the forefront of the London improvising & new music community, alongside being key figures in music throughout many countries in Europe, Asia & North America.
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Two gigs with MURMURISTS – as a five piece ensemble (London)


Murmurists is a recording and live project of Anthony Donovan, artist, musician, composer, improviser and writer. This live iteration features five musicians improvising to a graphic score. Details below.

Friday 17th October
Murmurists / Ampersand / Feedback Aerophonium
Anatum’s Abode, 613 Commercial Road, London, E14 7NT
Saturday 18th October
Murmurists / Ampersand / Feedback Aerophonium / Laughing Leo
The Minesweeper, Brookmarsh Indstustrial Estate, 70 Norman Road, Greenwich, London, SE10 9QE
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Turntable/dubplates and Saxophone duo: Sonic Imperfections at Montague Arms (London)


New Cross has a good tradition of experimental music (remember the Gluerooms at the Amersham Arms?). Latest in this continuum is Sonic Imperfections, ‘South London’s leading experimental night’ at the Montague Arms. Next one is tomorrow night (Tuesday 14 October), with Barrel, Iris Garrelfs and Webster & Dunning.

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