CORRESPONDENCE: exhibition and performance with Embla Quickbeam (Brighton)

In a collaboration with Rowan Forristier-Walker, aka Embla Quickbeam, we have been exchanging cassette recordings and other artefacts towards making some music. For CORRESPONDENCE Rowan will play a live set using some of the swapped material, and leave remnants of the collaboration in the form of an installation.

Full details about the exhibition below.

Correspondence-flier1  Correspondence-flier2

CORRESPONDENCE is a contemporary exhibition taking place across real and virtual platforms, exploring how new technologies can promote the accessibility of the arts and change our idea of a public space. Fourteen artists, including recent graduates from the University of Brighton, are working together to make an exhibition at Prestamex House which will be mirrored by a virtual version in Second Life.

This version, which can be explored online, will work in parallel but need not be constrained by the laws of physical reality; the real exhibition will also appear on the internet in a second iteration relayed back by a roaming spybot. Echoing and complementing one another, the various versions of the show each have properties that the other lacks.

When exchange happens virtually, something physical still traverses the distance; our minds construct connections and worlds of meaning from the physical reality that we perceive. This group of artists will be exploring ideas of exchange, collaboration and representation, and their planning and discussion of the theme will itself be an integral part of the show. We invite you to investigate these territories with us, either in the reclaimed office space that is the hub of the show, or online at

Supported by IdeasTap and Artwerx

Prestamex House
171-173 Preston Road
Brighton BN1 6BN

10-6pm daily, 5th-9th February
Free entry – Visitors will be asked to sign in on arrival



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Drum Drone – at Alternative 23 Visitation (traitors only, no tricksters) (London)


Drum Drone

An hour long performance of percussive drone made up of continuous sustained rhythms with visuals from layered, cut-up found film.

Ana Benlloch, David Burrows, John Cussans, Ralph Dorey, Graham Dunning, Mark Jackson, Alex Marzeta, Tom Milsom, Vanessa Page, Simon O’Sullivan, Harriet Skully and Stuart Tait.

Part of:

Alternative 23 Visitation (traitors only, no tricksters)
Saturday 24 January 2015 6:30 – 9:30pm
Admission free

Plastique Fantastique Diagram of (Urb-Fux Glitter) Addiction
David Burrows | Alex Marzeta | Vanessa Page | Simon O’Sullivan | Harriet Skully

Plastique Fantastique performance (with projection and sound) of the mumming-communique: How Urb-FUX-Glitter-Junky (an ALL-STAR) incubates and spreads the Virus-Junk-GLOOP – the gift-habit of PLASTIC-Man (the ice-cream-maker) and his Running-RAT-Boyz-Cycle – until all are GLOOP-Blissed-Flat.

Drum Drone: 8:15pm

Both performances will include film projections and loud noise. The performances are free and open to all, and will take place next door to IMT Gallery at Recession Studios

Alternative 23 is supported by the Arts Council England and the Goethe Institut

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Cassette release: Rindmice, “Fairytale Wasting Disease” – improv, noise, electronics

RindmiceAvailable now via Quagga Curious Sounds is the first release from Rindmice, a trio of myself, Anthony Donovan and Matt Chilton.

We played a few gigs together in 2014, using synths, electronics, household objects, turntable and dubplates. Two live recordings make up the release: one from a decomissioned minesweeping vessel and one from a high rise towerblock, both in London.

Michael Ridge from the label created the two panel colour art work, which is packaged in a clear 6″x6″ zip lock bag. Each copy comes with either a red or blue glitter tape and small red or blue rubber stamped sticker mounted onto the shell.

Buy from the label here, and listen below.

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Performance at Experimental Turntable event with Joke Lanz and Vinyl Terror & Horror (Berlin)


On Friday 19th December I’ll play a live set using turntables, dubplates and mechanically triggered synths at a venue called West Germany in Berlin. Also playing on the all-experimental-turntable bill are Joke Lanz (Sudden Infant) solo, and the duo Vinyl Terror & Horror.
Doors open 9pm.

West Germany
Skalitzer Straße 133
10999 Berlin

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Improv trio with Kate Armitage and Flöriän Füscö (Berlin)

Lo-fi DIY improvised music 
Kate Armitage  – guitar / vocals –
Flöriän Füscö – homemade electronics –
Graham Dunning – expanded turntable –
The three artists met in Manchester several years ago and since went their separate ways. This is their first time playing as a trio.
Hungriger Geist, Pannierstraße 40, Neukölln, Berlin
Saturday 13th December 2014
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DunningWebsterUnderwood debut live set – turntable, baritone sax, tuba trio (London)


On Tuesday 2nd December I’m playing turntable and electronics an improv/doom/noise set with Sam Underwood on tuba and Colin Webster on baritone sax. We’re supporting Dead Neanderthals touring their new harsh free jazz album Prime.

Full details here.
Facebook event here.

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“Deconstructive Dance Music” – live set for DREAM MACHINE (London)



4 Legs Good, MKII, ZamZamRec, Apiary present…


30th November 2014, 5pm – 11pm, Apiary Studios, Hackney Road, London

+Live Acts+

H.U.M. (UK / FR / IT) 9pm
Graham Dunning (UK) 8pm
Sonic Rituals (UK) 7pm
Prolonged Version (UK) 6pm
Cementimental (UK) 5pm

+ Wildrfid DJs (Swiss)


Dream Machine Workshop (6 – 9pm In between performances)
Tarot Readings (30 min/1 hour booking available between 2pm-9pm)
Cymagic (6 – 9pm in between performances)


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